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Destroy All Monsters 2


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 1

Part One

AUGUST 1999: As the world rejoices over its victory against the invading
Kilaaks, life somehow finds a way back to normal. The many cities around the
globe destroyed by the monsters are now in the process of being rebuilt.
Many from the ground up. Tokyo, Japan was especially hard hit, as many of
the monsters converged upon it in an attempt to destroy the United Nations
representatives conferencing there at the time. Godzilla, Rodan, Manda, and
Mothra all took their turns causing death and destruction on the great
Japanese city.
Meanwhile, on the Ogasawara Island, all the Earth's
monsters were once again confined to its restrictive boundries. Changes were
made upon their return to prevent them from escaping again. Now, the
monsters were put into groups, and quarentined to specific sectors of the
island, or GRIDS, as they were called by the scientists.
Overseeing the new format of the island were Professors
Yoshida and Hyashida. Both were stationed at the observatory base built
years earlier. All the monsters were here, including a few recently
discovered and brought in. Among them were Titanosaurus, Dr. Mafuni's
discovery, Megalon, the Seatopean monster trapped on the surface after it's
battle with Godzilla, Battra, King Seesar, a newfound baby Godzilla,
discovered only days earlier in the Mt. Fuji area, Biollante, and the new
Fire Rodan.
All the other monsters were here too. Godzilla (Jr) ,
Angilas, Mothra, Gorosaurus, Manda, Rodan, Baragon, Kumonga, Varan,
Kamakirus, they were all here. Even King Ghidorah was here, captured after
his battle with the rest of the monsters. Ghidorah was kept to himself,
however, as every time he got near one of the other monsters, he would try to
kill it. The only monster even in the same vecinity as Ghidorah was
Biollante, which Ghidorah dared not approach. The two monsters met briefly
when Ghidorah was brought to the island, and a fierce battle ensued, with
Ghidorah eventually backing away from the mammoth Godzilla clone.
Policing the island became an easy task as well, with two
seperate MechaGodzillas patrolling its GRIDS periodicly. On one side, the
original silver MechaGodzilla watched over the less aggressive monsters,
while his golden brother kept watch on the predatory beasts. There were
instances where the robots had to defend themselves againt attack, as certain
monsters tested them, but recently added force fields and weaponry always
made those attacks brief.
Only a few monsters even dared defy the authority of the
MechaGodzillas. Of course Godzilla (Jr) could care less who he fought. But
also Rodan, Ghidorah, and surprisingly Mothra, tested these "metal police".
The island now was being run very much like a human prison. Though confined
to GRIDS, the monsters were free to roam those areas freely and fend for
themselves. But if they behaved too aggressively, attacking other monsters
for example, they were exiled to a special containment area of the island
known simply as "the desert".
Although the monsters had limited freedom, they obviously did
not like the GRID idea. They were used to roaming the entire island totally
free, thus making it difficult for them to get used to confinement. It was
bad enough that they were prisoners on the island, but now they were
prisoners of specific areas of the island. This was the reason for many of
the incidents of misbehavior.
The United Nations met periodicly to discuss ways of making
Ogasawara more liveable for the monsters. Yes they had all inflicted great
suffering on the human race, but they were still living beings, and
therefore having the right to live their lives the way they were meant to. A
second Monster Island was proposed by Professor Hyashida, or perhaps a series
of islands, to more accomodate the mammoth inhabitants. But all this cost
money. . .where would the funding come from?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The answer to that question would come early in 2001.
Members of the UN, siting the urgency of the monsterland project, organized a
festival. A festival to take place on Ogasawara Island itself. The event
would be named the Ogasawara Kaiju Festival, and it would be advertised as a
way to help the monsters live their lives more normally. Public opinion had
created this situation in the first place, as the citizens of the Earth
remembered how the monsters had saved them from the Kilaaks and King
Ghiodorah; how they had fought to keep this planet alive. So it was the only
feesable way to make the project a reality.

It took time to plan the event, and security measures had to
be made. After all, these were still monsters. Hyashida contended that the
GRID system was working so well, that the boundries could be tightened to
accomodate the millions of visitors expected to attend. The main problem was
transportation to and from the island itself. How would the people get
there? Planes, helicopters, boats, they would all be used, and at very
little cost to the visitors. The fee for the festival would be a one time
sum, covering admittance, transportation on the island, and many of the
attractions. Food and overnight lodging were extra, as well as the right to
see Ghidorah and the three Godzillas. The organizers of the event figured
that Godzilla was the most noteable and popular of the many monsters on the
island, and therefor people would pay a seperate price to view them.
Ghidorah was just too mean, and because he was quarentined to a special
section all his own, an underground ride was necessary to reach him, and
therefor more costly.
All affilliated with the project felt that it would be
even more spectacular than the Jurassic Park attractions of the late 90's.
After all, who would want to see the T-Rex now, when they could see Godzilla?
? ? It would be fantastic. . .absolutely fantastic!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It took nearly three years more for the festival
arrangements to be completed. No expense was spared in the endeavor, and
particular attention was paid to detail and security. Upon the areas
completion, members of the UN's Security Council wanted to be the first to
take the guided tour. They, after all, had organized and funded the project.
Professor Hyashida and his associates, were glad to accept this request.

So on the first day of April, 2005, forty members of the
Security Council took their tour. All the members oohed and ahhed as they
passed through the many GRIDS of Monsterland. They especially seemed to
enjoy watching Mothra emerge from her cacoon just as they passed through her
area. Her beautiful wings emerging first, the bright colors glimmering in
the sunlight. It was a miracle, some thought, to have arrived here just at
that moment, but in reality, this was a calculated manuever by Hyashida and
his men, specificly to impress these special visitors. The Professor, seated
at the rear of the train car, just kept to himself with a slight smile on his
face. All was going well he thought.

The journey continued. A few of the visitors were surprised
to see Gabara on the island, as there had been rumors of him being killed by
King Ghidorah. But there he was, alive and well, pecking off the tops of
trees as some kind of snack. None of the sightsee-ers noticed however the
fingers missing from his right hand. . .compliments of King Ghidorah.

From that point on, some of the more spectacular sights
included Biollante, Titanosaurus, and the gold MechaGodzilla on his patrol.
Congratulations were definitely in order. The members present were not taken
to see Ghidorah. When asked why, the response was simply that the attraction
was not ready yet, but would be before the public got in. They also noticed
that they didnt get to see Godzilla. It was assumed that he was just resting
somewhere out of sight, and later MechaGodzilla would confirm this.

The last part of the tour took them to the beach, where they
witnessed Ebirah swimming gleefully in the ocean. Standing on the shore
seemingly watching was MechaGodzilla 1. No one quite understood why MG would
be watching over Ebirah, but they didnt know about the monsters attempt to
eat little Minya a few weeks earlier. Fortunately for the little Godzilla,
it was only slightly injured, and fortunately for Ebirah, Godzilla himself
could not get to him. Minya had been moved to the GRID containing Junior and
the new baby Godzilla, but still there were other monsters in Ebirah's GRID,
so monitored he would be.

After the tour was completed, the guests were taken to the food
court for refreshments and a hardy meal. Again no expense was spared, as the
visitors could pretty much order anything they wanted. The whole exhibit was
spectacular, and the UN guests loved it. Soon the 'park' would be opened to
the public, and soon after that, the monsters could start to live more
As the members of the UN Security Council boarded thie
transports to take them home, there were words of encouragement spoken, and
smiles on every face. Professor Hyashida had done a fine job bringing it all
together. And though there was alot of government money spent on the
project, all agreed that it was for a good cause. Finally taxpayer money was
being spent the right way. As the transports pulled away from Ogasawara
Island, with the roars of the monsters bellowing in his ears, the Professor
walked towards his house near the beach, took a deep breath, then entered to
get some rest, and soak in the events of this extraordinary day.

* * * * * * * * *
* * *

A few weeks later, the 'park' was ready for its grand
opening. Thousands of people filled the transport areas to get to
Monsterland. The organizers had expected a big opening day crowd, but this
went beyond even expectation. At the turnstiles, the money rolled in, and
with each passing moment, the monsters of Ogasawara Island grew nearer and
nearer to their dreams.
Professors Yoshida, skeptical of the project at first, and
Hyashida were especially pleased with the turnout. They too could not have
imagined this massive gathering of PAYING customers. Even Katsul, the pilot
of the original SY3 lunar rocket was present at the opening. When Katsul
reached the island, he immediately went to the two scientists to offer his
"Professor, I am VERY impressed with what you have done here.
I've been here before, and it looks nothing like I remember." "Thank you,
Katsul, I'm glad you like it. You know, we have a special museum here
dedicated solely to you and your SY3 crewmembers. After the job you did
against the Kilaaks, we figured you deserved it." Katsul gets a grin on his
face and blushes. "I guess that I should say thank you on behalf of the crew
then. . ." now laughing, "but what about the monsters? What are we doing for
them?" The professor takes a deep breath. "I had forgotten about your
mission to Mars. . .you obviously havent heard. All this is done on behalf
of the monsters. This is all to make their lives better!" "Come on!"
Katsul says. "Nobody gives a damn about these monsters. Remember, they all
tried to destroy us." The Professor now speaks more intently. "Yes they
did. But I also know that THEY were the ones that defeated King Ghidorah and
saved the planet. My friend, this world will always remember that, and
therefore they will be compensated." "Compensated?" Katsul asks. "Yes
compensated. We are taking all the proceeds from this little venture to
create NEW Monster Islands. We want to give the monsters space and some
freedom. They will still be supervised of course, but only to a point. Tell
me Katsul, what do you think of that?"

Katsul once again gets a smile on his face, and excitedly
says "I think this is fantastic! I'm only sorry that it took so long for it
to happen."
About that time, Ebirah raised up out of the water and
splashed the gathered crowd with a swoop of his huge claw. This drew
laughter from most of the spectaters, who now were drenched. Professor
Yoshida let out a loud, heart felt laugh. It seemed that Ebirah was playing
with these visitors to the island, putting on a show of sorts. This made the
professor very happy. People and monsters getting along for the first time,
he thought. This was heaven.
* * * * *
* * * * * * * * *


Things went like this for the first few weeks. The people came in droves
to the Island of Monsters. It seemed that the monsters themselves even grew
accustomed to their human guests. The only one to create any problem was of
course King Ghidorah. Even though the people viewing him were totally
protected, he still tried to attack, and did so mercilessly. Time and time
again he spat his lightning rays at the crowd, but again and again it was
discipated into the invisible protective forcefield.
He also tried valiently to fly out of his transparent boundries, and even
knocked one (or more) of its heads unconscious by falling back to the ground
on numerous occasions.
It was even determined that the two little Godzillas, both Baby and
Minya, could PHYSICALLY interact with the customers . . . quite in contrast
to their full grown relative. This especially pleased the children, who were
immediatly drawn to the tiny leviathans. Some of the crew members compared
this event to petting a baby deer at the local zoo. It was a tremendous
sight, that the parents, though cautiously pesimistic at first, quickly
became overwhelmed by the beautiful spectacle.
Another spectacular event took place when somehow, Biollante gave birth
to two small rose like plant creatures, similar to the monsters larval
stage. The tiny plant monsters quickly took root into the Ogasawara ground.
Soon thereafter, Baragaon pass close to the tiny offspring, and received a
fierce warning from their mother, grabbing him with its tendrils and tossing
it hundreds of feet from the bith site. Baragaon, staggered by the blow,
placed its mammoth tail between its legs and limped away.
There was no disiplinary action taken against Biollante, who was just
protecting her offspring. But after that event, all the other monsters in
her GRID were moved until the babies were big enough to fend for themselves.
This is exacly why the Kaiju Festival was necessary. So that problems like
this didnt arise.
Throughout those first few weeks, it was noticed that Godzilla (Jr) was
still not very active. He just layed around most of the time. Even when
other monsters in his GRID came calling, he merely growled at them, then
turned away. This was not the way the people were accustomed to seeing the
King of the Monsters.
There was speculation that the Junior G was still in mourning over the
death of the original Godzilla, his friend, which gave way to fate that
dreadful day in Tokyo. But that was almost ten years ago, and Junior had
been through many differet battles (Destroyah and Ghidorah among others) and
many different stages of his evolution since. This worried Dr. Yoshida, who
like his colleague Hyashida, made a living studying Godzilla and his kin.
Many different things were tried to fix whatever was wrong with Godzilla.
Mostly this was done at night when there was no one in the park. But nothing
This especially concerned the United Nations, which knew that if
something was wrong with Godzilla, and they lost their best attraction, that
it would hurt attendance dramaticly. So drastic measures had to be taken .
. . . .Enter . . .King Ghidorah . . . ! . .


It was decided that on one specific Sunday afternoon, the paying
customers would get to witness something dramtic; a prearranged battle
between King Ghidorah! and Godzilla! But Professor Hyashida was concerned
about whether or not Godzilla would even attempt to battle with the three
headed beast from space. After all, he thought, ev ery monster than had
passed through his GRID had basicly just been ignored. Yes, Ghidorah posed
much more of a threat, but with Godzilla acting as he was, and with the UNs
concerns, a plan to ensure the battle was set up.
Doctor Yoshida originally came up with the idea, and as proposterous as
it sounded, and as dangerous as it could become, it was really the only thing
to do. The plan was simple . . . use one of the two tiny Godzillas as a type
of bait.
The original choice was of course little Minya, but Junior had not gotten
as atached to him as the scientists had hoped. Now the newfound
Godzillasaurus was a little different situation altogether. As Godzilla,
even in his present state, seemed to keep close watch over its every move.
Perhaps Junior remembered how Godzilla took him under his wing as an infant,
or perhaps it was just instinctinve to the the giant saurian. Either way,
the scientists contended that it was the only way to ensure the battle, and
to possibly rid Godzilla of whatever ailed him.
And so it would be. The two men had much work to do. Preperations had
to me made, special security measures had to be taken, even back up plans for
back up plans had to be thought of. None of this was easy, and it took its
toll on the two men. They knew they just couldnt stop and relax, as time was
a major problem. They knew that the longer they took, the less chance there
was of correcting their mammoth problem. So they worked feverishly . . .
night and day . . . sometimes not resting for days at a time. But ultimatly,
their work paid off. They had made all the arrangements, checked every
possibility for error, and determined that their plan was foolproof.
But before the plan could be implimented, it had to gain UN approval. So
a special meeting at the UN Headquarters in New York was set up to review the
plan. Dr. Yoshida was summoned to the meeting to further explain things.
Also invited, perhaps to rebutt the plan was Dr Ian Malcolm, who since
his days at Jurassic Park, had gone on to become an expert in dinosaur
behavior and identification. Dr. Malcolm and his paleantologist girlfriend
Sarah Harding would be attending and lending their expertese to the
Before Yoshida left Ogasawara, he and Hyashida went over the plan one
more time. They both agreed that it could be suicide for the baby
Godzillasaurus, but that it could also bring Junior out of his rutt.
Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Dr Malcolm and Sarah had their own opinions about
the plan.
Dont these idiots realize what they are doing? Dr Malcolm says. They
are expecting these creatures to behave differently then the dinosaurs, when
most of them started out as dinosaurs.
Yeah, I was only at Site B for a few days, and I saw how the rexes
reacted when the baby was taken from them. . . it cost Eddie his life. So
why wouldnt Godzilla react the same way?
Sarahs words strike a nerve inside Dr Malcolm. He sits back and
remembers the horrors of both his adventures to Jurassic Park, and the many
lives he saw lost. And now, he pictures the same thing happening again, but
this time with creatures far more deadly than any dinosaur that ever walked
the Earth. His mind was made up. He would go to New York and stop this.
And he was prepared to do so, whatever the cost.
So soon the tow extraordinary invitees boarded their Continental flight,
and began their trek; their rescue mission (as they looked at it to save
the world.)


The next day in New York, the gathering members of the United Nations sat
and talked about what was about to be discussed formally. It seemed that
everyone had their own opinion on the matter, and were eager to voice them.
The prevailing opinion was one of approval. The Godzillasaurus could
most definitly be sacrificed to fix the evidnet problem.
Dr. Yoshidas flight was delayed a bit due to the immense fog in the New
York Metro area, so he arrived at the meeting late. Dr Malcolm on the other
hand, made sure he arrived early enough to make an impression on most of the
gathered members.
When Yoshida entered the room, he was greeted with a loud round of
applause. It was obvious that his ideas were well respected.
The Doctor was escorted to his seat, and then the meeting began. The
speaker addressed the crowd. Welcome to this special gathering of the
United Nations Scientific Committee. Again there is applause.
Most of you know why we are here today, but for those of you who are
still unaware, I will brief you now on the matter.
The Speaker layed out the plan briefly, giving those no opinion a chance
to develop one. Once he had finished, he turned the microphone over top Dr
Yoshida. Then for the second time in ten minutes, the Doctor was met with a
chorus of applause. He was dumbfounded, and obviously taken by the event.
Thank you ladies and gentleman. I greatly appreciate your warm welcome.
The reason I am here is to discuss with all of you my plan for bringing
Godzilla, number 100100 (Juniors ID code) out of the immense hole he has dug
for himself. You know, when we took on the Monster Island Project all those
years ago, I was probobly the most skeptical person on the fsace of the
planet. There was NO WAY that we could possibly accomplish what we were
attempting. But after the many years of work, I now know that anything is
possible. The crowd erupts in applause once more.
I mean, who would have ever thought we could be so close to fulfilling
all our objectives in this project in such a short period? We have raised SO
much funding for the alternate island sites, and continue to do so with each
passing day. But with Junior acting as he is, the project is somewhat in
jeapordy. He, after all, is the biggest, most popular attraction of
Monsterland, and without him, well, we would be greatly impacted by his loss
to say the least. I therefor have come up with a way to rectify this
The Doctor now digs into his briefcase and pulls out some papers, then
asks for the lights to be dimmed, and then goes on with his presentation.
The Doctor speaks for nearly an hour and a half before concluding his
proposal. When he is finished, a question and answer period is called for.
This is where Dr Malcolm, silent through the showing, enters the equation.
He is not the first to ask a question, but definitly the most revered.
Mr. Yoshida, I absolutely respect your work and think you have done a
fine job on the island. I am a huge believer in your work, but I have to
disagree with you about this proposal of yours.
All eyes now focused on Dr Malcolm. Most of the people have already
heard his argument, but wonder how the Doctor will respond to the challenge.
Dr Malcolm continues.
Ten years ago, John Hammond made the biggest mistake in many of my
closest friends lives. He took life for granted. Manipulated dinosaur DNA
and created monsters . . .monsters extinct for millions of years. I realize
that the situation here is different, but we did have a small part in the
evolution of some of these creatures as well. In 1954, when the original
Godzilla flattened Tokyo, Strandium 90 was found in the creatures footprints
. . . its common knowledge. A lot of the monsters from Ogasawara got their
rebirth due to our radioactive tests. Then, in Jurassic Park, I
unfortunately got to witness some of the dinosaurs habits, mostly bad ones at
that. And thus my question to you Doctor is, how can you be so sure that
Godzilla, a dinosaur himself once, wont react the same as the T-Rexs did at
Site B? Who is to say that HE wont go on the same killing rage as the Rexes
This is obviously a good question, as the listeners seemingly gasped in
anticipation of an answer.
Dr Malcolm, I too respect your work on the Jurassic Park Project, and by
the way, I think you should know that I believed you from the start. The
crowd slightly laughed for a second, then Yoshida continued. But let me
assure you that we are dealing with totally different kinds of beings. Their
behavioral patterns are totally different.
The response infuriates Dr Harding, who abruptly jumps out of her seat
and says How can you say that? Don't domestic dogs have many of the same
characteristics as wild ones? Doesn't a Chiwawa turn in circles before lying
down, much as a Wolf or Coyote does to pack the snow to make itself a den?
These monsters may be different from the dinosaurs, yes, but you are
forgetting that most of them used to BE dinosaurs, therefor giving them the
same personality quirks as they had had. Trust me Doctor, Godzilla WILL
retaliate. You can bet on it
The hall now goes totally silent for a moment. Dr Yoshida stands and
ponders what the paleontologist has just said. Finally, he responds.
Dr, I do not dispute your claim of these beasts once being dinosaurs.
That is scientific fact, and I HAVEN'T forgotten it. What you, my dear, are
forgetting, is how these creatures got to be what they are. Radioactivity.
As you know, their bodies were mutated because of this . . . therefor their
minds were mutated as well. This in itself takes the instinctiveness of the
dinosaurs away from them. You saw how they acted when free.
The Doctor was abruptly cut off by Doctor Malcolm. Yeah, we saw how
they acted . . .they MURDERED hundreds of thousands of people. That in
itself is instinctive of the dinosaurs, I know . . . I was there!!! So what
makes now any different from then? What, are they miraculously tame now???
No Doctor, they aren't. But after their battle with Ghidorah and the
Kilaaks, they know what we are all about. And we them. I don't think that
they are now what they were then.
YOU DON'T THINK????? Dr Malcolm shouts. What the hell is wrong with
you? Do you expect us to just take your word for it? I cant believe
this!!! Dr Malcolm is obviously frustrated by the Doctors lack of
concern. He again sees the visions in his mind that haunts him. He staggers
slightly, then sits down. Sarah sits with him and asks if hes all right.
He nods, then listens again.
Dr, I assure you that you have nothing to worry about. We do have the
two MechaGodzillas policing the island, and they are MOST effective. We do
not plan to let this ordeal get out of hand, we merely want to give Junior a
wake up call. I am sure you can appreciate that.
Dr Malcolm responds, more calmly this time. I can appreciate it, but
then again, so could John Hammond . . .and look at the mistakes HE made.
This really is no different from that was, only this time it is not
scientists who will be viewing it, but the general, PAYING public. Tell me
Doc, if something DOES go wrong, will you be prepared to live with it?
The Doctor smiles, then replies I am not worried about that. Nothing
CAN go wrong that I would HAVE to live with. I have seem to that.
With this comment, the measure was brought to a vote, the results of
which were surprising. The measure had passed . . . but barely.
After the vote was taken, Dr Malcolm was notably disappointed, but was
also somewhat encouraged by the number of people who had voted against the
plan. He obviously had reached them. This could have been the fuel he
needed to overturn the decision. He formally filed an appeal with the UN,
but worried that there wouldn't be enough time to carry it out. The plan,
having just been approved, was a go for the following Sunday. And this being
Tuesday, he had just five days to change it. But there would be no change.
His appeal, and pleas, fell upon deaf ears.
So for reasons he could not explain, Dr Malcolm decided to go to
Ogasawara to see what would transpire. It was totally against his better
judgment, but having spent as much time at Jurassic Park as he had, he was,
he thought, a gluten for punishment, and perhaps the best judge of character
in case something DID go wrong.
Though she fought with him furiously, Dr Harding would not be
accompanying him on this trip. She had just found out that she was pregnant,
and therefor in no shape to make that long trip. This was Ians reason for
staying behind, but it was really just his excuse, a cover up for his true
feelings of concern. Sarah reluctantly agreed, stating no desire to fight
about the matter any longer. And so he went; even with that strange feeling
within him. The question lingering inside of him was clear . . would this be
a repeat of days gone by? Or would the Doctor's safety measures keep the
peace? Time would soon tell.


Meanwhile on the island itself, all the preperations had been made. King
Ghidorah was close to being released into Godzillas GRID. And the people
flocked to Ogasawara to witness the spectacle. They were aware of what would
be happening, and were eager to view it. And view it they would.
So at 12:30 PM, King Ghidorah was let loose, and as expected, the tiny
baby G took immediate interest in him. As the three headed monster flew
overhead, the baby G snarled and cowered at the same time.
Soon Ghidorah had landed, and was drawing closer and closer to the tiny
lizard. As it approached, the baby Godzillasaurus tried valiently to flee,
but was soon paralyzed with fear.
When he saw the puny creature no longer moving, Ghidorah launched his
attack. Lightning rays hit the ground close to the Godzillasaurus, but did
not strike it. The people watching let out loud gasps as the lightning grew
nearer. Many of the children began to cry, and were then comforted by their
parents. The tiny Godzilla would not be killed, they would say, but even the
parents themselves became skeptical of that fact.
Soon King Ghidorah was close enough to the baby to cruch it with one big
step. The scared infant let out deafening cries for help from its elder
kin. Godzilla, meanwhile, was now hearing the howls of his adopted child,
and as hoped, got up to investigate. Ghidorah again let out a barrage of
lightning rays, which again missed the baby. Ghidorah, the spectators began
to notice, was toying with the baby, much like a cat does a mouse when he
catches it. He very easily could kill the little monster, but was byding his
time for some reason.
But before the tiny kaiju could be killed, Godzilla was on the scene. As
he approached and saw Ghidorah, he remembered how he had done battle with
this creature once before, and luckily had defeated it (with a little help
from Angilas and her baby). But this time he stood alone against the great
space beast. This time, he had to save the baby . . .the one to carry on
the name so to speak. So fight he would . . and to the death if need be
At first, Ghidorah didnt notice Junior, as his attention was still on the
squirming infant in front of him. But when he was struck from behind with
Godzillas heat ray, he quickly changed his target.
Soon the two giant beasts were engaged in a giant battle to the death.
The baby, seeing the two battling, scampered away, soon joining Minya on a
tall rocky cliff away from the action. Minya attended to the tiny
Godzillasaur as if it were an offspring of his own. Checking over the baby
for wounds of any kind.
Meanwhile the battle of the behemoths continued. The spectaters were
awestruck. They had mostly heard of the legendary battles of these two great
monsters, but had not witnessed them. Now they were there . . .watching the
battle of a lifetime.

Dr Malcolm arrived at the isladn much later than hed hoped, but joined
the crowd of onlookers as soon as he could. He too was astounded by what was
happening. The two giants were litterally tearing each other to pieces.
Flashes of lightning filled the sky, as both monsters used their full arsenal
on one another.
Ian was immediatly astounded by the size of the huge beast. King
Ghidorah was well over 400 hundred feet tall . .as big as the biggest
buildings hed ever seen, and Junior himself was well over 250 feet. They
were HUGE!!!
He immediatly began to snap off pictures of the two in combat. He
remembered seeing pictures of the unmutated Godzillasaurus, and couldnt
believe that THIS was the same creature. He wasnt quite sure what Ghidorah
had been in its previous life, but was quickly reminded that he had come from
outer space.
Soon Dr Malcolm met up with the two scintists and Katsul, who had come
back to the island to view the fight. Ian immediatoly showed his attitude on
the spectacle.
Hey Doc, did you get the rights to pay per view? I tell you, Tyson and
Holyfield aint got nothing on this!!!
Doctor Yoshida, though respectful of Malcolm, did not appreciate the tone
in his voice, and stabbed back with You still have a problem with this.
Even after seeing it for yourself. Doctor, please lok over there
He points to his far right, where Malcolm immediatly looks to. Tell me
Malcolm, what are those?
Stranding there still as could be, were the two MechaGodzilla robots. As
stated, they were there to police the situation and seoperate the monsters
before one of them was killed. And it was getting VERY close to that point.
Dr Malcolm, even seeing the two glimmering robots, was not imprressed.
I see your robots, butthats all they are . .they arent that impressive.
Now Yoshida nods at Hyashida, who in turn does something on a small
laptop computer hes been carrying. Yoshida looksa t Malcolm and says Watch
this Doctor.
Soon the two robots move into action. And within minutes, Godzilla and
Ghidorah are totally isolated from one another. The gold MG takes flight,
holding on to Ghidorah with all its strength, but struggling none the less,
and promptly deposits him back into his own GRID.
Godzilla on the other hand, became furios that hed been dragged away
from protecting his kin, and tries to tear up the silver MG brother, but is
unsuccessful. Soon the MG also takes flight, and in seconds, was gone from
Godzillas view. The battle had ended.
Godzilla let out a loud roar, his doral fins glowing bright blue and
almost blinking, then turned to the cliff where the tow offsprings were
perched, and started towards it.
He immediatly noticed how Minya has looked over the baby, and in his own
way, seemed to thank Minya with a series of light groans. Minya nods in
approval, and soon the three Godzillas walk off into the think jungle of
their GRID.
All seemed well now, Dr Yoshida thought.
Wow, for once in the tarnished history of man, a plan goes well . .
.this HAS to be a first. I guess i owe you an apology Yoshida. You were
right. I only hope there arent reprocussions from this later on.
Yoshida smiles slightly then walks off with the rest of the crowd. The
time to celebrate is at hand.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hours later in a special dining area set up for only esteemed guests, the
two scintists, Dr Malcolm, Katsul, and Miki Seagusa sit comfortably and enjoy
a wonderfully prepared steak dinner.
For the first time this day, there are no harsh words being spoken.
Everyone just relaxes and converses politly. Miki, who arrived on the island
only an hour or so earlier, asked how the battle went.
But before Yoshida could answer, Malcolm interupted.
My Dear, that was the damndest thing I ever saw. Those two beasts are
spectacular. And to think, you have a type of relationship with Godzilla,.
Thats AWESOME!!! I envy you!!!
Miki blushes, but realizes that I an is right. She has been given more
than just a special gift, she has been given a unique one.
Doctor, being able to share thoughts with Junior is not always a good
thing. Sometimes I can feel the monsters fear and pain, and that can be
scary. I was asked to come in weeks ago to try and read whatever it was that
was wrong with him, but I didnt think it was a good idea.
Why not, couldnt you have saved us the trouble of all this?
Miki now bows her head and says Perhaps, but this is exactly why I say
it can be a not so good thing. You see, when a creature of that size and
strength has a problem, well, reading his thoughts can be just as detrimental
to me as it is to him. I tried that once during Godzillas battle with
Biollante, and it almost killed me.
Doctor Malcolm liked this answer, but still had questions.
So why did you continue on with G-Force then, letting them utilize your
psychic powers? I think youd learn the lesson quickly.
Miki pauses for a second, Dr Malcolm, asking me that is like asking you
why you went back to Jurassic Park for the SECOND time. I realize that the
circumstances were different, but it still was, or could have been, a
suicidal decision. You know as well as i do that you are lucky to be alive.
Dr Malcolm nods his head and says Thats very true. Then Miki
continued. After my first encounter with Godzilla, I was determined to
understand all the craziness he put in my head for those brief moments, And
with time, I began to do just that. The problem I had with G-Force was for
forcing me to help them in their quest to destroy Godzilla.
Yoshida now jumps in. The G Crusher Project . . .
Yes . . .and the T project too.
Miki says . . .that was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I still
have nightmares about it. You have no idea how relieved I was when he got
back up after Rodan landed on him and basicly withered away. I couldnt have
been any happier.
Dr Malcolm thought Miki was crazy and said so. Miki was offended by the
comment, and said Dr, did you see Godzillas meltdown on television?
Ian now says Of course, who didnt?
Well, how did it make you FEEL???
Ian now begins to laugh, then points his finger at Miki and says Uh huh,
I see what your trying to do. You WANT me to tell you that i felt sorry for
him . . .the monster that killed all those people over all those years.
Well didnt you?
Ian just shakes his head and gets very quiet. Miki had proven her point.
When I was in that helicopter, I cried when he melted down. It wasnt so
much the fact that he was dying, but rather the way he was dying. It was
horrible. The monster came into our world all alone, and went out thinking
the same thing, not knowing that Junior had survived Destroyahs attack.
That was hard for even me to take. And to a certain extent, I did lose a
friend that night.
Yoshida, chewing on his meal vigorously, says, So what do you think of
Junior, Miki?
Miki again blushes, then replies. As amazing as it may seem, I stil
have a hard time communicating with Junior. I can see certain things in his
thoughts, but he has a way of blocking out what he wants me to know. I dont
know, maybe somehow he understands the extent of his powers, and therefor
limits them when communicating with me. I dont think Godzilla really could .
. . .I think the radiation affected him differently than it did Junior.
Dr Malcolm has been curious of one thing since this conversation started.
And finally decided to ask. Miki, what about Ghidorah? Can you read his
Miki slightly chokes on her food, but manages to answer. Yes, I can see
into his thoughts . . .but they are too sinister for me to bare, very dark,
so I dont even attempt it any longer. Actually, I have looked into all
therir thoughts at one time or another, except for the new baby G who I
havent been close to yet. And I must tell you that there is a prevailing
mood amongst them.
Professot Hyashida and Katsul, both silent so far, both answer at the
same instant. They want to be free!!
There is a brief silence, then all at the table brreak out in laughter.
Yoshida then proposes a toast.
To the Monster Island project, and the chance for the monsters, and for
mankind, to be more free . . .!
Everyone clangs their glasses together and says Here here!!!