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Destroy All Monsters 2


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Part 1

For the next three months, the Ogasawara Kaiju
Festivalwent as well as could be expected. The money continued to pour in as
the steady stream of customers grew larger and larger. The event grew so
large in fact, that it soon was being advertised internationally, instead of
just in Japan. And this caused an even larger explosion of arriving
A few months after that, the event became so large that
the original creaters decided that a limit had to be set on the number of
visiters allowed in per day. The crowds were growing so big and loud, that
the monsters themselves began to become restless and noticeably more
aggressive. It was becoming harder and harder for the public to get close to
the leviathons, including the two baby Godzillas. But still the festival
went on. Day after day, night after night. The operation was now being run
nearly 24 hours, which some speculated was the reason for the
monster'saggression. There was no time to be alone. . .no peace for them,
and it took its toll.
Perhaps the worst thing that resulted from the festival's
success, was the weekly pairing of monsters in a battle for the public. The
Godzilla / Ghidorah battle was sowell received that other battles were set up
(by public demand) to attract an audience. Each week, a contest was held
to determine tha two hugecontestants. One lucky winner was chosen per week,
whose prize was free admission to, in, and from the park during the day of
the battle. Everything was free to that winner and six of his or her friends
or family members. The contest was so popular that it was expanded to
post-card entries as well as those that were in attendance. As a result of
this, some of the more noteable initial battles were Titanosaurus against
Kumonga, the battle of the Rodans (which was a natural setup since the
original Rodan tried to kill Fire Rodan upon its arrival to the islands), and
Baragon vs Varan.None of the monsters were killed during these battles, o
even severly injured due to MechaGodzilla intervention, but the robots did
sustain some minor damage themselves from the angry, thrashing monsters.
Throughout those many months, the two scientists and
Dr.Malcolm had their roles in the project greatly diminished, much to their
dismay. Things were going so well, the Commitee thought, that it was
NECESSARY for the three men to take on lesser roles. The three men met
regularly to discuss the changes, and soon they were all worried about the
same thing. . .greed. The money coming in was so incredible, that they
started to wonder where it was all going. They knew that they wernt seeing
any of it, that much was fact. And the objectives for the project were met
after only the first few months. So where WAS it going? Truthfully, the
answer was quite simple. . .directly into the politicians pockets. . .the
same place that most"proceeds" go. As stated, the financial objectives of
the festival were met early in its existence, and therefor every cent made
from that point on was profit. And this fact itself created problems for the
The many members of the Scientific Commitee thought it a
good idea to split the profits amongst the participating nations, but Japan,
the host of the event, countered with threats of shutting the festival down
if they didnt receive the largest share. Japan was taking the biggest risks,
they contended, thus giving them rights to more money. But on the other
hand, the United States representatives made it clear that even though Japan
WAS taking great risks by holding the event near their shores, they ALSO were
the recipients of GREAT financial gain through tourism created by the
necessary layover in Japan. After all, no one could get to the islands
WITHOUT going to Japan first. These statements were well recieved by most
members ofthe Commitee, but still Japan would not back down. TheJapanese
Prime Minister made a rare prime time TV appearancea few days later
denouncing the UN for their delays, and gave a one week ultimatum for UN
compliance. Normally, this threat would have fallen upon deaf ears, as
there was no threat of violence, military action, or government sanctions of
any kind. This was just a threat to shut down the biggest money making event
in the history of mankind, and so the threat was taken very seriously.
Most nations, though reluctant, decided that the steady
stream of flowing cash into their governments was better than none coming in
at all, and so a compromise was agreed to. But this would create great
government distrust andannimosity between many of the super power nations.
This simple compromise caused distancing between otherwise allied countries.
Distancing that could take years to heal.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

In the middle of the night, Miki finds herself strolling slowly along the protected beach. She had been restless since her arrived, but was She tries to relax in the unusually warm night air, and eventually
sits down on a rock. With the exception of the rippling water making the
occasional slapping noise as it hit the rocky shore, the area is surprisingly
quiet. Not even the insects were making noise this night. She gazes up at
the moonlit, star filled sky, and then closes her eyes.
She envisions herself being a
thousand other places. . .anywhere, actually, but this place. The stresses
odf her job were starting to get to her. She pictures happier times in her
life; remembering her childhood, her sixteenth birthday, her first car,
college days. . .anything to enlighten her mind.

Soon she is joined by Doctor Malcolm, who politely sat down and said
"Wow! What a perfect evening! Fancy meeting you here."
Miki opened her eyes and responded. "Ian, does the pressure of all
this ever get to you? Dont you wish you could just . . . run away?"
"Well, lets see. . .of course I do. But unfortunately for me it isnt
that simple. I've got too much time and effort tied up in this to just walk
out. Why, is something bothering you?"
Miki looked down at the ground and paused for a moment, then said
"Close your eyes for a moment, and I'll show you."
Malcolm obliged, and soon Miki had placed an image in his mind. An
image of a monster revolt against the caretakers of the fair. "Now do you

"That bad, huh? Wow, what a powerful image. But somewhat unfounded
I think. God, I sound more and more like Yoshida every day. I've gotta stop
"Why do you say unfounded? You of all people should be concerned.
You have been afraid of something very similar since you've been here. Am I
"Thats not fair. . .you can read my thoughts without me even knowing.
I cant do that to you!"
Miki playfully put her hand up to her face and made a silly
gesture. "I only do it when I sense something is wrong. I dont like to pry
into anyones thoughts. But your vibrations were so strong, I couldnt help
it. As I said, we share alot of the same fears. Only I see things in much
clearer detail than you. No offense intended."
"None taken. I'm sure you're probobly right. You visualize things
before they happen. Thats kinda scary if you think about it."
"Yes it is. It can be terrifying actually. Seeing into the minds of
monsters is enough to drive someone insane. Its times like that when I wish
I hadnt been given this 'gift'."
"Come on Miki, most people would kill for the opportunity to have
just a few minutes of the lifetime you've already lived. I know I would.
God, the thought of being able to share thoughts with Godzilla, Ghidorah,
Biollante, or even the T- Rex. A paleantologists dream. You should
appreciate your God-given talent more than you do. It could really cost you
"You're probobly right. Its just such a big deal. Its like I never
actually have time to myself. Its like having split personalities or
something. Ian, I never told anyone this, but when Godzilla was still alive,
there wasnt a single second in the last two years where I wasnt in some kind
of constant communication with him. Like I said. . .it was like carrying
around another personality everywhere I went. At first I didnt mind much,
because at least I could keep tabs on his activity. But after awhile,
espesially during his meltdown stage, it got to be overwhelming."

"What was it like? I mean, were you actually able to feel his pain
and such?"
"Yes. It was almost like I was the one that was dying. When he
finally melted down, I was happy for him, because the pain was over. But for
me, it never ended. I have nightmares about it, and still feel my skin
burning from time to time. Its an indescribeable feeling. And what really
gets me down is that Godzilla had to live with that constant pain for over a
year before he finally expired."
"Expired! Now theres an interesting way of describing it. Perhaps
the only humane way. But still. . .now you share the bond with Junior, and
its obvious that he's different than Big G. Not as dark. That should make
it easier to handle. You yourself said that he somehow shelters you from
some of his powers. So he obviously must understand his own, as well as your
"Yes, but it is no easier. Sharing thoughts means sharing pain, and
fear, and. . ."
Malcolm interupted her.
"Happiness? How about that? The monsters seem to bring a sense of
joy to your life. I know all about you. This is your passion. . .like the
dinosaurs were for me!"
"Were?" Miki asked.

"Yes, were. How could I not be fascinated by THESE creatures?
Bigger, stronger, faster, than any dinosaur that ever walked the earth. Dont
get me wrong, I'm still fascinated by the dinos. Hell, Godzilla started out
as one. Most of the others did too. But I've come to realize that once
you've seen these guys in action, the dinos become secondary."

Now they both just pause for a moment and look up at the stars. But
suddenly the sky filled with a brilliant beam of light, and the wind began to
gust. They both ran towards the trees for shelter, but before Malcolm could
reach them, he was picked up and carried off by a huge, unknown monster. .
.unlike anything Miki had ever seen before. She tried to communicate with
it, but found that she couldnt. And in the process, she somehow caught the
creatures attention, which circled and headed back towards her. She tried
desperately to run, but fell over a rock. The monster let out a deafening
growl and lunged down at her.

But as she screamed in terror, she awakened from her sleep to find
herslf nearly swimming in a pool of her own sweat, and safe inside her room.
It was a dream. . .only a dream. But one that caught her attention. She
nust tell Yoshida of it in the morning, she thought. But for now, being
unable to go back to sleep, she opened her journal, and wrote of the
experience. . .periodicly taking time to peer out her bedroom window. . .

For two days, scientists had been keeping an eye on a weather system develpoing in the Pacific
Ocean. It was Typhoon season for Japan, and terrible storms were common
during this time of year.
At first, the system seemed to be moving along very slowly and not
building in strength. But one morning when everyone gathered in the
breakfast room, word of the storms strengthening and approach spread fast.

Preperations and precautions had to be taken quickly, even though
the laboratories and control centers were built far underground to protect
from the monsters and inclement weather. Everything had to be sealed off to
prevent flooding, even in the underground labs.
For the most part, the monsters themselves were not in any danger,
even from this category 3 storm named "Corey". They merely hid in caves or
underground caverns, whatever they could fit in. For those that were too
large, they simply rode the storms out above ground.
But normally, with all the island's systems being run remotely, it
was standard for all the people to just leave until after the storm had
passed. The monsters really werent at risk from these storms, so why risk
human lives when it wasn't necessary? Since The Ogasawara Island was
inhabited by the monsters, there had been five major Typhoons; Jade,
Mickayla, Stewart, Richardo, and Pamela. . . all causing great damage above
ground. Most of the destruction was to the landscape; trees and vegetation,
as well as the temporary observation posts were always hit hard. And as in
most typhoon / hurricanes, the storm surge created great amounts of beach
erosion, thus tightening the boundries of the island that much more.
Fortunately, with all the safety precautions being met, there was no
loss of life, either monster or man, as a result of these storms. And
hopefully "Corey" would be no exception.

So a day or two before "Corey" reached the island, the scientific
crew was transported to the Japanese mainland. They would be guests at the
UN embassy outside Tokyo, but had passes to visit with friends and / or
relatives living in the area. Each person
had to sign confidentiality aggreements about their work on the islands,
which was somewhat confusing to Dr Malcolm, who contended that the island was
being visited by the public on a daily basis anyway. He asked a few
questions of the UN officials, who after awhile became very annoyed by his
curiosity and arrogence, but eventyually convinced him that he should sign
his agreement.
A day later, while Malcolm was still discussing his point of view
with the others, Hyashida and Yoshida sat in front of a brightly lit radar
screen and watched the progression of "Corey". The storm was still a few
hours from Ogasawara landfall, but the effects of the typhoon were already
being felt on the islands.
Periodicly, the scientists would go to another room and watch for
themselves what was happening on the island. Surprisingly, the remote
cameras were still functioning. These usually were the first to go.
Both men were surprised to see Biollante standing out effortlessly in
the 85 plus miles per hour winds. But there she was. . .her tendrils waving
in the savage wind. They also noticed Ghidorah, also standing tall in the
face of the storm. Yoshida then spoke.
"It's amazing how strong these creatures are. Those winds could kill
any living animal on the planet. . .and it barely effects them! Seeing them
every day makes it easy to take them for granted."
"Amen! I totally agree. But you know what? It seems to me like the
more I see them the more I respect them. How could I not? I tell you, it is
an awesome feeling being in control of these beasts; of such power.
Sometimes I have to pinch myself."
About that time, the cameras went dead, as expected, and all
comunication with the island was cut. So again the men went back to the
radar and discussed the potential damages on the island, before retiring to
their rooms for the evening.
The next day, Dr Malcolm met up with Miki in a nearby resteraunt for
lunch. After they'd ordered their meals, they began to talk.
"So what have you been up to Miki? How is everything?"

"Alright I guess. I've been looking forward to getting back to the
islands and getting started. Tell me, how is Sarah and the baby?"
"They're both fine. She's supposed to be coming in sometime in the
next few weeks. I'm not really sure how its going to go, but I think she
wants to find us a place here in Tokyo."
"Really? Thats great! I like Sarah very much, and cant wait to see
the baby. Whats the baby's name again? Rex?"
Both Miki and Malcolm begin to laugh, then Malcolm responds with "Ha
Ha! Its Sierra . . .Sierra Lynne. And she is gorgeous. My pride and joy.
Well, one of them, anyway."
"Ian, what do you think of Sarah coming to stay here? You dont seem
to happy about it."
"Nah, that's not it. Its just that when I first came here, I only
intended on it being a visit. But now I'm like, a resident. I never thought
it would become my job."
"Dont you enjoy it?"

"Of course. . .but I feel guilty I guess. I've almost FORCED her
to have to come here, and that was never my intention. If it was just her,
I'd bring her to the island in a second . .she'd have been here already. She
wants nothing more than to be there helping out. But with the baby, well,
that changed everything. I'm sure you know how I feel about having a kid
near these beasts."
"Yes, I do. Its the primary reason why I DON'T get involved with
anyone, or even WANT kids. This job of mine, though hectic, is my whole
life. And as long as I feel like I can make a difference, things will not
change for me. I wont let them. But listen Ian, dont feel bad about Sarah.
I figure that if she didnt want to be here, if she didnt love you, she
wouldnt be coming. Count your blessings."
"Yeah, yer right. I'm tust talking through my ass again I guess.
I'm good at that."

As the two begin to eat, the conversation changed course.
"Ian, have you noticed anything strange about Hyashida and Yoshida
lately? Is it me, or do they seem . . . very secretive the last few weeks?"

"You know, come to think of it, yer right. . .they have been
acting wierd. But ya know what? I've learned not to pay that much attention
to them at times. Its bad for my health."
"I dont know what it is, but they just seem to be hiding
something. And the problem is that I'm having a hard time reading them. I
havent been on the island for awhile, but in our last few conversations on
the phone, something has just felt wrong. I was actually hoping you could
"Well, the only thing I can tell you is that they've been
spending alot of time away from the rest of the crew after hours. Normally
we all get together and have dinner, or play cards or something. But
recently, that hasnt happened. I just figured they were trying to work out
some kinks in the new security grid. They do that from time to time. I
think they're ordered to or something. I dont know, but I will keep my eyes
Little did they both know that at the moment they were talking,
the very thing that the Professors were trying to hide was being uncovered by
the pounding forces of "Corey". That as they enjoyed their meals, the
island's southern hillside was being ripped away by the feroscious winds, and
that what once was inside safely hidden away, was now very much in plain
site, and waiting to be discovered by those it was being hidden from.
Malcolm, Miki, Yoshida, Hyashida, and the rest of the scientific
crew, were in for an interesting surprise when they returned to work . . .
and it would NOT just be the damage . .or clean up from "Corey" . . .

Part Four

On their way back to the island, the two Professors and Miki talked over
the potential damages they would find. Hyashida, looking out the window,
speaks first.
This really turned out to be quite a strong storm. First projections
were for a small storm with minimal winds, but after analyzing the data, I
realize that Japan was VERY lucky that she veered west at the last moment.
Hyashida, who was checknig the data on his laptop, replied Yes, they
truly are very fortunate. If it had turned towards the coast, Tokyo would
SURELY have been leveld yet again. I guess we can only hope that the island
escaped that fate.
You know, one thing bothers me . . .in all the commotion of the storm,
not a single one of us took the time to think about what Corey would do to
the attractions on Monsterland. We knew the monsters were going to be OK,
but what about the structures that were built to house them? You would think
that the UN would have made it priority one to save all that. I can only
imagine what we are going to find when we land.
At this time, Miki speaks. I have to agree with you. While we were on
the mainland, the only talk amongst all of us was the effect it would have on
the monsters . .which in my opinion is a good thing. But considering how
much the UN is making off the festival, I dont understand the lack of
concern. But you know what? The damages to the island may actually be a
secondary concern. There may be far worse things to worry abou than that.
Hyashida and Yoshida look at each other, then Hyashida replied Miki,
what do you mean by that? Whats the problem?
Well . . Miki uttered, . . . we really arent that far from the
island, and for some reason I am picking up NOTHING telepathicly from the
monsters themselves . .even Junior who as I said I am almost in constant
contact with. I dont understand it.
With this comment, Hyashida, who studied ESP and the paranormal in
college briefly, replied Honestly Miki, is that really a problem? I
remember from my studies in the States that at certain times pshychics can go
into spells where they have trouble reading ANYONEs thoughts. Stress,
tension, LOVE . .all these things can cause these reactions. Had any good
dates lately my Dear???
Hyashida laughed for a second, but Miki didnt think it was funny. But she
kept her calm, and replied simply, I guess . . . I could be in one of those
periods. It has happened to me before.
About that time, Ian turned around from his seat and got into the
conversation. I wasnt trying to eavesdrop on your conversation, but I
couldnt help overhear it . .and I have to say that it makes me a bit nervous.
The time I have spent with Miki tells me that if she isnt reading something,
its because it isnt there. So, in that event, I propose a test . .a simple
Yoshida looked over at Miki, then at Ian, and replied What kind of test
Dr Malcolm? Nothing rediculous I hope . .
Iam smiled, then wrote something on a piece of paper he pulled from his
pocket. He then handed it to Yoshida and said Doc, look at this paper, read
it, but dont let Miki see it.
Yoshida now understood the test, so he nodded in approval. Then Iam
Now Miki, I want you to concentrate on my mind, and tell me what I am
thinking. I will be thinking about what I wrote on that paper. Cool with
Miki smiled and said Yes, I guess so.
So as everyone watched, Miki closed her eyes and concentrated on what Ian
was thinking. She seemed to draw a blank at first, but then suddenly threw
open her eyes, and exclaimed . . .SARAH!! You are thinking about Sarah!!!
Again Malcolm smiled, and turned to Yoshida, who turned the paper around
so that it was in plain sight of everyone. On it, it read SARAH in large
letters. Miki was correct.
Miki smiled for a second, but suddenly went straight faced. Ian looked
over at her and said Miki, are you OK?
She paised for a moment, then answered. Yes, I think so . .but . . .if
I could read YOUR thoughts, then why cant I pick up the monsters???
Everone turned away from each other, and began to stare out the
helicopter windows. Ogasawara was now in distant sight. And as Miki
struggled to see the landscape, all she could say was ". . . oh my God!!!"

Part Five

As the chopper draws nearer to the island, the devestation caused by
Corey becomes evident. All on board can just shake their heads in awe at
the sight of the beleaguered island.
Hyashida, glued intently to his window, says My God . . .I cant believe
what I am seeing. There.s . . . theres not much left . . .!
Indeed, there in fact WASNT much left. the buildings, roads, and thick
trees that covered Ogasawara, were flattened or gone altogether.
The landscape was basicly barren, and all Hyashida could think was Could
the storm have done all this?
As the chopper pressed on and prepared to land, everyone noticed the
crumbled hillside near where the entrances to the underground labs once were,
and also what stood tall in the Ogasawara sun.
Miki looked over to Hyashida, and sarcasticly said Now, what exactly is
The Professor looked at his collegues, and said What is it indeed.
There was no hiding it any longer. The truth would come out.
That Miki, is Jet jaguar 2 . . . Yoshida said with a frown.
Jet . . .Jaguar??? Im confused! Miki replied.
The professor looked out at the glimmering robot then said I know you
are, and I understand why.
Hyashida then spoke again. See, in the seventies, when Goro originally
designed and created Jet jaguar, the Defense Force and scientific Committee
took immediate interest in it. Seeing that after Goro had regained control
of the robot from the Seatopians, the robot flew, under orders of course .
.to get Godzilla, which after a certain point became WELL out of transmission
range. This meant that it had stored memory that we hadnt achieved yet, the
first step.
Yes, and as you know, it helped Godzilla defeat Gigan and Megalon,
before returning control of itself back to Goro.
You mean . . . Miki said . . .it helped Godzilla on its OWN?
Thats right. Somehow it learned how to manipulate its own size and
strength in an attempt to help Godzilla, and even began to think for itself
during the battle. Not that I dont think that Godzilla couldnt have taken
the two monsters out himself, but Jaguar definitly made it a much easier

OK . . Miki says . . .and than?
And then . . . Yoshida says, Goro basicly retired Jet jaguar after
that fight. Until the Scientific Committee BOUGHT him in the mid eighties.
He was still functional, but we could never get him to do the same things
again. Until . . .
Ian jumps in Until WHAT?
WEll, until Varan appeared on that island in 94. Jaguar had been taken
there for testing, and when Varan showed up, he again took it upon himself to
save the world once more. On;ly this time on his own. And only this time,
it didnt quite work out that way.
What happened Doc? Cmon, your killing me here!!! Ian exclaimed.
As it turned out, Jet Jaguar was merely a shell of what he once was, and
after only a few moments of battle with Varan, was destroyed. It was an ugly
scene. Trust me, I was there
Ian then said sarcasticly Kind of like Jurassic Park, huh Doc?
Yoshida just shook his head, then continued.
Anyway, Goro was brought in to see if he could salvage anything from Jet
jaguar, and miraculously, his positronic brain survived, and nearly intact.
We then, the Professor and I, decided to take it upon ourselves to try and
recreate the robot, only on a much grander scale. First of all, as a
protector for japan. But when Moguera was created, we scrapped that idea.
So then we decided to impliment his brain design and use it in the two
MechaGodzilla robots, making them fuly unmanned and almost automatic. That
has worked brilliantly. You saw that for yourslef Dr Malcolm. But in the
process, we somehow forgot about Jet jaguar himself. So we again decided to
try and rebuild him. And what you see there, is what we have come up with.
Ian sat and thought for a moment, then said Is this why you have been so
damn secreteive lately
You are very observant Dr Malcolm . .too much so in fact. We have done
our best to try and hide this project for many years, and until the storm
came, had done a good job of it. But seeing as it is just standing there now
for everyone to see, and knowing that the UN will have surveillence units, as
well as the two MGs on the island as early as tomorrow morning, I dont think
that hiding it is possible anymore.
Malcolm, confused, then said You mean to tell me that the committee
doesnt even know you have him now???
Oh yes, they know hes here . .well, they know his BRAIN is here anyway,
but thats about it. After Moguera, we never told them anything else, and
they never really asked either.
You thought they were going to try and use him to destroy Godzilla,
didnt you? Miki says.
You too are observant Miki. Even after then monsters were confined
here, the prevailing thought was to kill them. It didnt matter that they
were prisoners her on the island, they were still murderers, and thus
deserved to die. But we disagreed, and thats why we loafed on the Jet
jaguar project. But then the Kilaaks came . .and King Ghidorah . .and of
course, the rest is history.
Yes . .history . . .just as our JOBS will be after the UN finds out.
Maybe even our freedom. What a shame . .look at that magnificent robot!
Yoshida then begins to look around the sight, and after agreeing with his
colleagues, suddenly stops, turns to Miki, then says . . .at the risk of
repeating something you said earlier, we may have bigger problems.
Hyashida, frantic in his words, says Where are the monsters???
Good question. And one that Miki had the answer to . . . .
Doctor . .they are free . . again . . .only this time I dont know why .
. .
But the answer to that question would come soon enough, as the crew
members dug their way into the entrances to their underground labs.
What awaited them underground, would chill their spines . . . .