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Leviathan: Biolante Returns

Leviathan: Biolante Returns


Biolante has returned...

"Not many people are aware of the reappearance of the monster Biollante
in early Fall, 1996. Truthfully, not many people know of the creature's
existence at all.
The huge, tentacled plant monster's battle with Godzilla (though
collosal), went surprisingly unnoticed by most; except to those in Japan that
liveed through it.
Nearly six years after its initial visit, and though barely
reckognizabele to even the scientific community, the monster returned to
cause death and dsetruction at a military installation and training site near
Sapparo, Japan.
Strangely, for some reason the entire incident has been deemed
classified by the Japanese Government and Self Defense Force. But for what
good reason I dont know. Are there not monsters running around all over
Japan at any given time anyways? We all know this to be fact, so why should
THIS be classified? I've asked myself this question again and again but just
cant find a logical explanation .
My name is First Sgt. Lorenzo Austin, and for the first time I am going
to give an eyewittness account of this incident. I say 'eyewitness' because
I was there. And though there is a good chance that I will get myself
deported, thrown in jail, or worse yet even courtmarshalled, I feel that I
just cant keep what I saw that day inside me any longer.
Aside from what I observed being simply amazing, I feel that its my
duty to tell the story to the families of the many man who lost their lives
that day, and clear up the many lies that have been told since regarding
those soldiers fates.
So in the following memoires, I will try to the very best of my ability
to relive that day for you. I hope I do this story justice."


"The date was October 5th, 1996. I had been stationed in Japan for a
few months with the rest of my unit, to help train the Defense Force soldiers
to use specific military weapons our government had sold them (gee, now
there's a surprise).
My unit was originally sent in to help with the clean up of Tokyo after
Godzilla's meltdown, but soon after we arrived, the area was completely
closed off due to the radioactive contamination. So we were given secondary
orders to go to Sapparo and help in the training measures.
I think I remember that day particularly well becuase of the countless
mistakes the platoon of soldiers we were working with kept making. It seemed
that no matter how many times we explained things to them, or even SHOWED
them, it just made no difference whatsoever. Let me tell you something . . .
dont ever let anyone tell you that there is no language barrier between the
two countries, because nothing could be further from the truth!
Now dont get me wrong, the Japanese people are not stupid. Far from it
in fact. But you would think that with everything there being 'pro-america',
you know, Corvettes, McDonalds, Elvis, etc, that they would at least
understand the language. But NOOOOOO! No way in hell!
Anyway, as i started to say, we were training them to fire these new
weapons, and having absolutely no luck. And most of us in the unit were
getting VERY frustrated as a result.
Couldnt we have just sent them a manual or something? The majority of
us must have spoken these words at LEAST a hundred times that day.
Truthfully, we never thought they'd get it.
But then one soldier, Yuri Asato was his name I believe, decided he had
had enough of the failure, and took it upon himself to show the rest of his
platoon how it was supposd to be done. This was the first step in what would
become an extraordinary day.
At first, I must admit that I was very much AGAINST the idea of one man
trying to do it all by himself; especially since WE were supposed to be
teaching THEM. But after listening to Asato tell us ( in broken English) not
to worry, that he had SOME experience with a simple variation of this
particular weapon, I agreed to let him demonstrate to his men his knowledge (
with supervision of course) . Somehow now I wish I hadnt.
As we all stood by and watched, Asato calmly picked up the weapon (you
do understand why I have not revealed the identity of it, right?), aimed, and
then fired. At first, after the large projectile found its way into a nearby
hillside, all of us just stood silent. I dont think any of us expected the
results that were attained from that one, single shot. Soon a loud,
ceremonious cheer broke out amongst the soldiers as the weapon had blown away
nearly half of the hilltop, leaving jagged chunks of rock, and a small stream
of flowing water in its wake. This was quite a shot. Eevn by OUR
standards. Soon all of us in my unit were also congradulating Asato. But
suddenly without warning, the handshakes and hoopla were abruptly cut short.
As were in the middle of the celebration, one of the soldiers started
yelling at his counterpatrs to look at something on what was left of the
hillside. None of my men had a clue about what was going on. They were just
standing there pointing at something. Finally Asato (in even WORSE English)
told us to look at the stream of water coming off the rocks, which we quickly
There, dripping slowly, was a red, fowl smelling substance. It honestly
smelled very sulfer-like, but looked like no sulfer -based material I had
ever seen. We started to wonder if Asato had somehow struck a mineral
deposit in the hillside. But when the ground near the hill began to tremble
violently and break apart, we began to worry about bigger things . . . MUCH
bigger things!"


"I will never forgeet as long as I live the look on all our faces as the
ground between us and the hillside crumbled and broke, and lay beneath slowly
rose up. I dont think any of us really knew what to expect as the huge
creature shook the rock and dust from its leathery hide and then let out a
terrifying, deafening howl.
At that moment, we were all too frightened to have any sensible thoughts
going on through our heads, so most of us just screamed and ran for whatever
cover we could find. But for some reason, I was not one of them. I dont
know if I was paralyzed with fear or what, but I do know that I couldnt move,
nor make a sound either.
From the cover of the trucks, my men screamed at me to get away from
where I was standing. But I couldnt. I tried. . .believe me I tried . .
.but my legs just wouldnt budge. I felt like I was stuck in concrete. And
soon, because of it, I came face to face with the worst nightmare I ever had
. . . .face to face with a monster . . .a monster thought long dead. There I
was . . . .standing in the path . . .of Angilas!
Now I must admit that with my extensive militery ( Marine Corps 84'-94'
) and battle ( Grenada, Desert Storm ) training, I always prided myself on
not fearing anything . . . .ESPECIALLY death. As a Marine, you are taught to
welcome death when it is your time. But on this particular occasion, I was
TERRIFIED!!!! I mean, this monster was huge . . . at LEAST a couple of
hundred feet tall; with large spikes protruding from its back, tail, and
head. I noticed at that moment that I was about the size of one of its
teeth, which is when I think the realization set in. I was going to die here
. . .at the hands of this monster . . .and there was NOTHING I could do about
The men continued to yell at me, telling me to run as the monster grew
near. But to everyone's surprise, especially mine, the beast just bent over,
kind of sniffed me, (at least thats what I THINK it did) and then turned
towards the hillside.
As it walked slowly away, nearly swiping me with its mammoth tail, I
finally found the energy to run. But once i reached the convoy of trucks,
and felt somewhat secure, and interesting question arose. Did we stay and
observe what the creature did from that point on? Or did we flee quickly,
running the risk of confusing the creature, thus causing it to attack? I
dont think I ever made a more important, or difficuly, decision in all my
life. And admittedly even today I dont know if I made the right choice.
But at that moment, for me the choice was simple. We would stay. My
basis for that decision was that in everything I had ever read about Angilas,
including its initial visit to Japan in 1955, it was basicly a tame creature.
And I felt that we shouldnt run the risk of antagonizing it with our
scurrying about. So we sat and watched . . .
For as large as Angilas was, it seemed as if it took forever for it to
reach the hillside. We were all curious as to why it headed back in that
direction. Was it going to head back into the protective hole we had
awakened it from, knowing we posed no threat? Or was it heading that way in
search of something? Both questions were answered quickly as the monster
stopped near the hill and howled again. All of us covered our ears as the
decible level went FAR beyond deafening. Then it just stood there. . . .like
it was calling to something. And as it turned out, it was.
After a few more wailing (almost painful) cries, the monster began to
tear at the remaining hillside. It thrashed it's huge claws in and out of
the rock violently; throwing chunks of Earth and debris hundreds of feet
beyond even us. This again was quite frightening, as we knew that any of the
huge peices could have surely crushed most of us with obe swift drop.
Soon the monster had reached what it was digging for. And as it was
uncovered, I got an uneasy feeling in my stomach. There before us, smashed
into little peices by Asato's firing of the weapon, was a huge, brownish
colored egg, and the battered body of a tiny baby Angilas. The red substance
coming off the rock was blood . . . and we were the ones that had caused it.
we knew then that we were in trouble and that if possible, we needed to get
out, and get out fast!
As we prepared to try to escape, the monster continued to dig down
further into the rock; uncovering another larger egg, this one seemingly
intact. But after uncovering it, Angilas immediatly turned its attention to
its fallen young, slowly and gingerly picking it up in its huge jaws and
placing it on the ground in front of us.
After a few light groans, Angilas nudged at the baby a few times before
(I think) realizing that it was dead. And with that reckognition the
creature became VERY angry. But just as it was about to leap at us in its
attempt to destroy the murderers of its offspring, a miracle happened. The
ground began to tremble again. This time even more violently than when
Angilas first appeared. And soon the monster had fallen back into the hole
it came out of, taking its deceased baby with it.
The rumbling went on for a few minutes more, but just as quickly as it
began, it was over. And when it ended, there was total silence, and a HUGE
cloud of dust. Which seemingly took forever to settle.
For a few moments we all tried to catch our breath. I remember most of
us lifting our heads to the sky to thank whatever God we may have believed
in, but when the dust finally DID settle, what stood before us scared us more
than Angilas EVER could . . .
Standing in the distance, was what looked like the silhouette of yet
ANOTHER huge monster . . . .this looked like the creature Biollante. But
from MY reckolection, this looked nothing like the Biollante I remembered.
This beast was enormous. Probobly four hundred feet tall at least, and
standing UPRIGHT . . . on reptillian legs! The monster had two huge,
flailing tendrils coming out of either its shoulder or back area. But even
they looked different than I remembered. THIS Biollante looked nothing like
its original plant form, or even its second staged metamorphasized version,
but rather more like Godzilla himself!
The more i thought about it, it looked very much like SPACE GODZILLA!
Was this the third stage in Biollante's evolution? Or was this a hybrid, a
mutation of the original creature?
Regardless of what it was, it seemed almost instantanious that the
creature had noticed us and started moving in our direction. Also about that
time, the sky opened up and it began to rain. This severly complicated the
situation for us becasue it was litterally BLINDING rain, and at times, even
with it being as large as it was, it seemed to almost make the creature
invisible to us. But we KNEW it was there, and tried valiently to get away.
And at one point, a few of the Japanese Soldiers forced their way into
one of our vehicles, and proceeded to drive away recklessly. The ground, now
covered by a thin layer of pooling water, caused the truck to slip and slide
all over the dirt road. We all yelled franticly at them to stop, but as soon
as the monster saw the fleeing vehicle, it unleashed a massive oral energy
beam of some kind. This was the first indication of what this creature
actually was.
As the beam struck the truck, it exploded, throwing fragments of metal,
flesh, and bone flying in all direction. To this day, the screams of those
soldiers just before they met their fatee, haunts me. It was horrifying.
And then Asato, silent for some time, approached me and said the beam
was the "Corona Beam" . . .SPACE GODZILLA'S Corona Beam! I asked myself how
that was possible. Space Godzilla was destroyed by Godzilla in 1994, wasnt
As I pondered the question, Biollante continued its advance on us. Its
monstrous footsteps shaking the ground beneath us, and nearly tipping our
vehicles. The closer it got, the more of us fled the fictional shelter of
the trucks, and ran towards the brush and trees a few hundred feet or so
behind us. When I look back at it now, it was the ONLY thing to do. But
realistickly, the tall grass and even the trees couldnt have sheltered us
from much, especially this.
As the others ran for their lives, I tried to call for help from the
radio in my truck. But when I finally reached the base, another Corona Beam
struck a few of the trucks and some of the brush closest to me, cutting off
communications completely, and killing some of my men in the process. Now .
. .we really were on our own . . .and our numbers were growing fewer and


"I remember that the air, already damp from the pouring rain, soon felt
as if it were becoming elevtricly charged. It seemed like the more the
monster moved towards us, the more static began to build. I remember the
strange sensation of my hair standing on end, and the discomfort my fatigues
began to cause me.
Soon lightning filled the sky, and countless bolts struck the mammoth
creature head on. For an instant it just stopped and roared mightily, as if
repowered or something, and then continued on. But as it was growing
dangerously close, for the second time in a short period, something
extraordinary happened. Another miracle.
Through the torrential rain, and footsteps of the monster, the faint
roar could be heard in the distance. At first, I thought nothing of it.
Perhaps thunder i thought. I really dont remember. But as it grew louder
and louder, I began to reckognize it. Soon, Biollante reckognized it as
well, and stopped in its tracks, then turned to face its source.
Standing in front of Biollante, to everyones surprise, and nearly half
its size, was Godzilla Junior! He had appeared almost out of nowhere.
Junior (in my opinion) was not nearly as big as his deceased kin, but
looked surprisingly similar. truthfully, if I didnt know that Godzilla was
dead, and considering I never got to see the beast up close, I would have
sworn thatthis was the original creature. But I knew better.
I would say that he couldnt have been any taller than two hundred and
fifty feet, and still had a very juvenile sounding roar. But he definitly
didnt seem afraid of this massive beast standing before him, which all things
considered, I thought was amazing.
At first, for a few moments at least, the two monsters just stood and
just stared at each other. Each one snarling at the other. I wondered if
either of them would attack the other, as they seemed to be 'feeling each
other out' , kind of like prize fighters do.
As the two monsters just stood there, the remaining soldiers began to
flee; running as fast as they could for as long as they could. And soon most
of them were clear of the danger at hand. But again, I wasnt one of them.
And neither was Asato. We both just laid still in the tall grass and watched
as the battle finally began.
The first to strike was Junior. He fired his atomic breath, ripping
apart one of Biollante's waving tendrils, and toppeling a communications
towere between them. But almost as quickly as it had been blown apart, the
tendril began to regenerate. Again Junior fired, but this time it was
deflected by a greenish, crystal shaped forcefield; sending it harmlessly
into the sky. Finally the question had been answered. This WAS a mutation
of Biollante and Space Godzilla . . .but how????
Biollante soon countered with a flurry of Corona Blasts which took the
smaller Junior off its feet. And once the saurian was on the ground, the
tendrils sprayed a type of sap onto him, causing his skin to sear and steam.
Somehow Junior regained his footing and advanced towards the giant. But as
he reached it, he was again taken off his feet, this time by the huge
tendrile themselves.
Junior let out a painful roar, as the two tendrils wrapped themselves
around him, the ends peircing his skin, and began to squeeze. When they
lifted him into the air, still squeezing and now thrashing viollently, I
honestly thought that he was finished. But to my surprise,, his body began
to glow bright white. Then there was a brilliant flash of light and heat,
and the two tendrils were simply blown to peices. Thereby releasing Junior.
Asato looked at me (from the crouched position he was now in) and said the
word 'pulse'. At least i think thats what he said. But I understood
nontheless. I read about this in a book somewhere. Junior had used the
'nuclear pulse' . . .indiginous to his species to release himself.
Though Junior was now free, his fortune would be short-lived. Soon the
massive tendrils were again regenerated and Biollante unleashed a fantastic
barrage of Corona Beams and Acedic Sap discharges. This left Junior nearly
incapacitated and helpless. But as the monster moved in for what I was sure
to be the kill, something NOT so extraordinary happened. The sun began to
The rain had finally ceased, and for a short time, the skies turned
blue. For some reason, this affected Biollante adversly, as the monster
began to stagger and nearly fall. Soon the monster's skin began to burn and
flake off.
Junior, still groggy from the near fatal asault, grabbed the leg of the
burning monster and held on for dear life. Biollante attempted to fly
(something I wasnt aware it could do without sporing), but was unsucessful
due to Junior's locked grip. The monster's tendrils, thought rapidly
deteriorating, tried desperately to rid itself of Junior, biting ferociously
and spraying more sap onto his hide. And they nearly suceeded, but just as
Junior seemed to be ready to give in, Angilas reemerged from the hole it had
fallen into.
At first I was concerned about whose side Angilas would take, if any.
But after seeming to survey the situation, Angilas also lunged at Biollante,
and grabbed onto its now quivering tale. Within minutes, Biollante was on
the ground writhing in pain, seeming to be going through some kind of a
seizure and slowly burning away. Junior (from his knees) unleashed a
radioactive blast which when it struck, dramaticly sped up the burning
process. Biollante was soon engulfed in flames, which caused the two
monsters to let go. And just a few minutes after that, there was nothing
left of it. All that were left were the familiar, colorful spores, which
Junior took aim at and blasted into oblivion. Biollante . . .had somehow
been defeated.
Asato and i just looked at each other and sighed in relief. We didnt
think we would live through it, and most of our men didnt . . .but we did.
Perhaps THAT was the biggest miracle of all.
An hour or so afterwards, helicopters filled the sky. They were
transporting us out of the danger zone; picking up soldiers from all over the
countryside. Junior was slowly heading back to wherever he had come from,
limping noticeable, and Angilas back into the deep hole with its miraculously
hatched baby. In all the chaos of the battle, we had not noticed it
hatching. As I watched the two Angilas disappear, I couldnt help but feel
sorry for the little one we had destroye inadvertently. Poor thing never had
a chance . . .and this coming from a Marine!""



"When I got back to the base that day, and I wrote my reprts, I came up
with a theory on Biollante (which later became known simply as 'Leviathon').
In 1989, after its battle with Godzilla, Biollante simply spored and
disappeared into space. Where I believe it was ultimately trapped. Then in
1994, after being defeated ny Godzilla, Space Godzilla basicly did the same
thing. Sometime between then and when Godzilla melted down, the two energy
masses must have collided in space and fused somehow. Then in 96', when
Godzilla perished, the radiation surges released into space by the meltdown ,
mutated the masses, therby creating the menacing hybrid that attacked us that
Obviously I am no scientist. But admittedly to this day I have yet to
hear a more sensible explanation. as for why the sun affected the Leviathon
/ Biollante the way that it did, I have no idea. But I do believe that when
the two monsters energies fused and mutated, it must have somehow lost its
immortality. Which in itself is an interesting point. And one the REAL
scientists are still looking into tady.
All I know is that I nearly lost my life at least three times that day,
and DID lose many of my best men and friends. But somehow I managed to
survive. I guess it wasnt my time, or as my drill seargent used to say,
perhaps I didnt 'have permission'. Does this mean that my men did????
Regardless though, I feel that I owe my life to Godzilla Junior. And i
think most of us that survived that day feel the same way.
Now every time we hear of Junior showing up somewhere, the men and i
always stand and solute. 'Now there goes a REAL Marine' I hear many of them
say. I consider that a fair statement, and i think we will all probobly feel
that way for the rest of our lives . . . I know I will . . ."

GojiTom- Keep up the good work Scott, -L8er-