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Destroy All Monsters Databook : Attack on New York



July, 1999: New York City

Nick Tatopoulis hurried into Jeremys, a busy and very popular
restaurant in downtown New York City. Folders in hand, he was late for a
very important meeting with Drs. Mendel Craven and Elsie Chapman.
As he rushed through the doors, dropping the folders, scattering papers
everywhere, he noticed the two scientists waiting for him at their reserved
Calmly, he picked up the papers, loosened his tie, then walked over to
greet them.
"Hey! I'm glad you two came. Sorry I'm late."
Mendel, already eating, swallowed then replied, "No big deal."
"You know this rush hour traffic . . .and getting a cab . . .forget it!
I thought I'd never get here."
After Nick spoke, he tried hurriedly to rearrange the paperwork hed
brought with him, but to no avail, and finally just threw it all on the table
and said, "ah . . .the hell with it."
Elsie, watching Nick fumble with the papers, finally spoke.
"What's the big deal? Why so secretive here?"
Nick again looked over the mess of papers in front of him.
"Big deal . . . that it is . . . . actually, the reason I asked you here
is pretty simple. I have kind of a proposal for you. That is, uh, if your
Elsie looked surprised.
"Proposal? What proposal?"
Mendel again stopped eating for a second, then said, "C'mon Nick, just
spill it already."
"Alright, I will. Here's the deal. Do you remember the H. E. A. T.
"Commander Hicks Godzilla team?" Elsie replied.
"Yep, that's the one!"
" DUH! What kind of dumb question is that? We WORKED in it for a while
. . . how could we forget?"
Nick took a drink of water, then spoke again.
"Right. Well, as it turned out, after Godzilla was killed, the
government felt it had no further need for the unit. I guess they thought
that if there weren't two hundred foot lizards runnin around, then they
didn't need to waste the money studying them."
Mendel sarcastically replied, "So . . what's the point here?"
Before Nick could get out a response, Elsie cut him off.
"Whatd ya do Nick, BUY the team?"
Both Elsie and Mendel began to laugh, but Nick remained straight faced.
"Actually, that's very close to what I did. I didnt actually BUY it,
as I doubt the government would just sell out critical information, but they
did kind of GIVE me the rights to it. And without a fight too"
"How'd you manage that?" Mendel said.
"Truthfully, it was Hick's idea. He was the only one that believed me
when I told him about the surviving baby. He couldn't get any of his higher
ups to go along with him, so he just 'put me in charge', so to speak"
Elsie just simply spoke her mind at that point.
"OK Nick, that's all fine and good . . But what does that have to do
with us?"
Nick looked at her seriously, then replied, "Do YOU believe me when I
say that a baby survived?"
Elsie looked at the table for a second, then back up at Nick.
Yeah, I guess I do. And MORE than one actually. What are
the odds that only ONE survived? And besides,I believed you when you said
that Godzilla was nesting . . even fought with Hicks to get him to look for
the nest itself. Does THAT answer your question?"
"Uh, I guess . . . . anyway, knowing that the baby survived initially,
maybe more as you suspect, and going on the ASSUMPTION that the one I saw
survived after it ran to the water and disappeared, don't you think that
there should be a team in place to monitor it? To study it? I don't know
about you two, but I don't want the same thing to happen again someplace
Mendel shook his head, then said, "Yeah, a lot of innocent people died
last year because of it. If only they could've been warned."
"My point exactly. So with that in mind, I'd like to recruit the BEST
to help get this thing going, and you two are DEFINITELY at the top of your
Nick paused for a moment, then picked out a piece of paper from in front
of him.
"See, I got some private funding, and Hicks says that we have access to
whatever he has available to him. Phillipe has even offered to send me an
operative from his government to help . . and moniter I figure . . . Monique
is her name I believe. That sounds to me like a pretty good start, dont you
Mendel, though intrigued by the idea, crossed his arms, then spoke
"Nick, it isn't that easy . . . you know that. OK, you got funding,
and all that data from the first Godzilla is wonderful. But what about
facilities? Transportation? You don't think we'd be chasing this thing all
over the planet??? And what about a computer whiz? Someone to run things
while we collect the data? I mean, I know computers, but how do I analyze
data AND run things at the same time? Is this Monique gonna do all that?
Hell, how DO we accomplish all that? Isn't time an issue?"
"Truthfully, so far, not at all. We dont even know if the baby
survived. But I believe that it did, and that means that we have until it
shows itself somewhere to get things rolling. I know it'll be rough at
first, but I believe it's doable, and very necessary. You know, were
probably the only ones qualified to do this."
Elsie nodded, then replied, "I agree with that. With OUR experience?
Who could do better?"
Mendel though, sat with a discouraging look on his face. He seemed
flustered by something. Finally Nick asked him if something was wrong.
Mendel replied simply, ". . . . .pay???"
Nick put his head into his hands, kind of laughed a bit, shook his head,
then looked at Mendel.
"Mendel, is that really an issue right now? I mean, shouldn't the
details be the most important thing? We can figure that out later, cant
we?" Mendel, pouting, finally agreed, and they shook hands.
Mendel then looked over at Elsie, then spoke to her softly, as to not let
Nick hear him.
Ya think I should tell him about N. I. G. E. L. ?
To which Elsie kicked him under the table, and replied, Not now
stupid! About that time, the trio was joined by Audrey Timmons and Victor
"Animal" Palotti. Audrey spoke first.
"Hey Nick."
"Audrey . . .. Animal . . . what's up?" "Nothing. We're on a
break actually!"
Animal then sarcastically said, "Yeah, a break from Lucy!!!"
Audrey then smacked Animal on the shoulder and shouted, "VICTOR!!!"
To which Animal replied, ". . .hey, if the shoe fits . . ."
Nick just sighed, then turned his attention back to his two new
"Listen, we'll finish this up later, OK? I'll give you both a call
Mendel and Elsie both agreed, said their good-byes, and exited the
restaurant. Audrey, obviously puzzled, said then, "What was that all about
"Just business. No big deal."
Nick was then approached by a young Latino male, who walked up to the
table, and introduced himself.
"Hey Man, my name's Randy . . . Randy Hernandez, and I kind of overheard
your conversation. Lookin for a computer buff, huh?"
"As a matter of fact I am." Nick replied.
"Well, I think I might just be your guy!"
Nick looked at the man, thought for a second, then replied, "Kind of
young, aren't you?"
Randy smiled warmly. "Not NEARLY as young as you think. And besides,
what do ya have to lose by givin me a shot?"
Nick again just kind of thought for a second . . then reached in his
pocket and pulled out a business card. He looked at it for a second, then
handed it to Randy.
"OK . . . . take this and call me next week. We'll talk about it
then." Again Randy smiled, shook hands with Nick and replied, "You bet I
Randy then walked to the door with the girl he was with, and also exited
the restaurant.
Audrey again looked at Nick with bewilderment.
"NOW do you wanna tell me what's goin on?"
"I told you before . . . just business." Audrey kind of rolled her
eyes, then replied, "Just business . . OK OK . . I get the hint."
"Thanks Audrey."
Animal then entered the conversation again.
"So Nick, did ya hear about the stuff they found in the subway tunnel
"Stuff, what stuff?"
"The fish!!!" Animal replied wildly.
"You are kidding, right?"
Audrey looked at Nick then smiled herself.
"No way. Kamen got the scoop first . . .moron . . . .the construction
workers found them in an abandoned tunnel over by 23rd. And guess what?"
Nick excitedly answered very
loudly, "WHAT???"
Audrey put her hand on Nick's, then answered quietly.
"They were fresh . .and there were a lot of them . . ."
Animal looked over at Audrey, then at Nick, and said, "Feel like goin'
on a lizard hunt????"
All three just sat quietly . . .a strange look on their faces. Could it
be starting all over again as Nick suspected? Time would soon tell . . . .
Meanwhile, outside the restaurant, New York life continued like it had
for a hundred years prior. Even Godzilla's visit the year before hadn't
slowed the busy pace of the New York population.
On the streets, people rushed to and from there jobs and tasks . . . .
hailing cabs, totally disregarding the reconstruction jobs going on around
them, and basically ignoring every law ever created.
At the harbor, the fisherman were once again hard at work on the docks.
The industry as a whole took a tremendous hit when Godzilla came ashore, as
he destroyed most of the warehouses that the fish were stored in and shipped
Makeshift tents were set up to try and keep the industry alive, but it
simply wasn't the same. There were more than enough people, but not nearly
enough equipment and resources to keep up with supply and demand.
Through the devastation however, the inhabitants of the harbor, the
homeless, took barely a hit at all. They continued on as if nothing had ever
A familiar face, Joe, again took his turns casting and reeling in his
line. His beer by his side, and a new chair beneath him, he did so with his
two disfunctional friends sitting behind him, barking out memories of how
Godzilla had almost killed him.
"Hey Joe, you gonna catch Godzilla this time?"
The two men laughed loudly as Joe just sat patiently. He did remember
what had happened though, and as he bent over and took a drink, he replied.
"Ha ha . . . very funny . . . . don't I remember him havin the two a'
YOU runnin for YOUR lives too?"
"Yeah, OK Joe. . . hey, how'd you ever get away from em' anyway? You
never told us that."
Before he answered, Joe looked to the sky . . . said a brief prayer,
then said, "Well, I guess it WAS my lucky day!"
At the same time, all around the harbor, a huge swarm of seagulls
soared over the watertop in a constant search for food. A few at a time
would dive into the water, plucking fish from the surface, then fly back to
shore to feast on the prize.
As in any bird community, any sudden movement was enough to send the
flock into a crazed panic, causing them to take flight in unison, going in
any direction to flee the impending danger. And this type of occurrence
didnt cease until that danger had past.
But on this day, the birds themselves, and also the people of New York,
were in for the ULTIMATE danger. Something NO ONE could have imagined. For
HE was coming.

It started out as a few stray bubbles floating to the surface. The birds
simply didn't notice. But Joe, having lived the nightmare of Godzilla's
entrance, saw it immediately . . . . stood up, and thought about running.
But instead, he stayed. Thinking to himself, "Ahhh . . .this couldn't
happen again, could it? They KILLED him!!! It's got to be a fish! Yeah,
that's it, a fish!"
But Joe couldn't have been more wrong.
Soon the water was churning violently; blue and white light emanating
from beneath the surface. The birds all fled feverishly, leaving only the
three men there on the pier, and the workers on the docks.
As Joe stood paralyzed in fear, watching as history seemingly repeated
itself, the creature rose up from the depths . . . . shook itself off, let
out a deafening roar, then started for shore.
Joe, still unable to run, looked at the mammoth beast, and asked
himself, "What the hell is THAT???" What was it indeed.
At that moment in time, the REAL King of the Monsters had arrived.
The answer to Joe's question? Gojira . . .had come to America . . . .
and was ready to attack!

Soon the warning sirens were blaring as the huge creature continued
towards shore; each monstrous footstep causing a small tidal wave which
crashed onto the piers and breakwall.
The many boats docked at the piers were tossed in every direction,
smashing onto the dock and into each other.
Meanwhile watching his friends run for their lives, Joe stood motionless
on the pier directly in front of Gojira.
As the creature grew nearer and nearer, the fear within Joe ran rampant.
After a wall of water nearly knocked him off the pier, Joe finally got the
strength . . . and courage . . . to run. He screamed loudly, then turned to
flee, as if somehow released from the imaginary chains imprisoning him.
But all the screaming did was draw Gojira's attention. He turned his
mammoth head towards the pier, the fins on his back now glowing a bright
blue. And a moment later, the creature unleashed a brilliant burst of blue
flame, which struck the many tents scattered along the dock.
People screamed in agony as they were caught in the massive burst of
radioactive fire, and as the blast continued on its course, it caught the
running Joe from behind; instantly incinerating him. Leaving only a
scattered pile of ash, which was itself soon blown away by the swirling
winds. When the oral flame ceased, the entire dock was ablaze.
And yet Gojira continued his attack . . . . mercilessly . . . . as if
controlled by a foreign source. Blast after blast hit the dock and nearby
buildings, causing great explosions and sending huge fireballs high into the
New York sky.
As Gojira looked around at the damage he'd caused, struggling to see
through the thick smoke, his attention was drawn to a loud, rumbling noise
coming from somewhere above him. He looked skyward in every direction trying
to find the source of the noise, and soon did just that. It was a huge
jetliner, heading away from the city and out over the ocean.
Again the fins on his back began to glow. He roared even louder than he
had before, and soon released the blue flame once more. In seconds, there
was a devastating explosion in mid air, and soon the jetliner was engulfed in
flame, and heading diagonally towards the water.
Gojira then turned back towards the metropolis in front of him as the
plane crashed nose first into the Atlantic. It pinwheeled violently and
basically disintegrated as it struck water. Within moments, the crash site
was aflame, but Gojira seemed oblivious to the spectacle. He continued his
advance, and was soon on shore . . . . ready to destroy New York City.
A few blocks from the dock, Nick, Audrey, and Animal ran out of the
restaurant to see why the sirens had sounded. On the streets, there was
chaos, panic, and fear. The people in this area had no idea of what was
happening because of their proximity to the waterfront. They could see the
flames and smoke, but weren't close enough to actually SEE Gojira.
But when the creature roared again, the frenzied, scurrying people
assumed it was Godzilla . . . . again . . . . remembering the events of the
year before . . . .and began to panic further.
Seeing the smoke and flames made Nick immediately suspicious. But when
he heard the creature roar, his eyes flew open wide and he headed TOWARDS the
Audrey screamed, "Nick . . . what are you doing??? Are you CRAZY???"
To which Nick replied, "It's Godzilla . . .I knew it!"
Audrey tried valiantly to stop Nick from heading towards the creature,
but his mind was made up. . . . he would FIND Godzilla.
As he ran towards the dock, noticing the buildings in front of him on
fire, he asked himself why there was so much destruction. The first Godzilla
had done damage, but nothing like this. He truly had no idea.
He honestly believed that this was the offspring of the first Godzilla,
and because of his H. E. A. T. ties, wanted nothing more than to verify it's
existence to the world . . . .not realizing that the creature was
already doing a good job of that itself.
But he was wrong about this creature . . it wasn't Godzilla at all . ..
at least not the Godzilla HE knew . .and he would soon find that out for
As Nick grew closer to the dock, running down the smoky, deserted
streets, he could barely see out onto the water. There he could see the
flames on the water's surface, and immediately knew that a plane had crashed
there. His first thought was about the poeple onboard that had obviously
just lost thier lives, and wondered if there were any survivors, but the next
thought was if it were even possible for Godzilla to have caused the crash.
He couldn't have reached that plane in mid air, could he? he thought.
As of that moment, the monster was nowhere in sight. Not seeing it
anywhere, Nick assumed it had either gone back to the water, or perhaps
burrowed underground. Yet he still had an uneasy feeling.
But when the creature growled, Nick spun to his left . . . .and what he
saw there, standing every bit as tall as anything hed ever seen, was enough
to send chills up and down his spine. No longer was it an uneasy feeling .
. . it had graduated . . . .to fear!
Again the creature growled, but this time began to move AWAY from where
Nick was standing. Somehow, miraculously, it hadn't noticed him.. As he
watched it walk away, its monstrous footsteps shaking the ground violently,
nearly throwing him into the air, Nick was suddenly grabbed from behind.
" . . . . Nick . . .what is that thing?"
"I don't know Audrey. Is it possible that it's . . .Godzilla???"
Audrey paused for a moment as she continued to stare at the giant in
front of her. Nick could see the fear in her face, but said nothing. He was
obviously still believing that this was the same creature he'd watched run
away from him the year before.
I don't understand...what could have happened to him?"
Audrey, still awestruck by the creature, finally replied "I dont know,
but dont you think we should be . . . getting out of here?"
She had made her point, and soon the two were sprinting away from the
danger at hand. . .away from Gojira.
As they made their way through the streets, Gojira continued his attack.
The monster blasted everything in its path, leaving nothing behind but ash,
rubble, and piles of twisted metal. And what it didnt get with its flame
breath, its swinging tail destroyed on the way by.
But as Gojira continued the onslaught, it was unaware of the large
figure lurking in the shadows . . . watching its every move. .
.being careful not to be noticed. It moved slyly along the side of the
buildings out of Gojiras view, until it came to a large intersection near
the world famous Empire State Building, where it finally decided to make it's
presence known.
And as the huge beast lunged out onto the street in front of Gojira,
landing on all fours, the battle of the behemoths was about to begin . . .
or was it?
When first the creature appeared, it must then have startled Gojira, who
stepped back defensively. But otherwise, the beast did not budge. It merely
growled and stood it's ground.
The new monster on the other hand, seemed almost surprised by Gojira's
lack of action . . . .and became very cautious itself.
This other creature was large . . even taller than Gojira, and
sleeker and more muscular. It hunched over profoundly, as if weighed down by
it's massive body.
It appeared that these two giants could actually be related somehow, as
there were distinct similarities. Their roars, for example, were nearly
identical. And each adorned three sets of dorsal plates running down it's
back and tail. Their faces looked surprisingly similar as well. But
realistically, this was where the similarities ended.

These two monsters were in fact very, very different. One was merely territorial, protecting what it considered to be his, while the other was just plain destructive.
Gojira's actions so far were proof of that.
So they stood . . . face to face . . . snarling at each other. Neither
making an aggressive move. But eventually Gojira grew weary of this creature
in front of him, and decided to strike first.
Just like before, the plates on Gojira's back began to glow brightly.
But when it reared back it's head to fire, the other monster somehow sensed
the danger and leaped out of the way, and behind a nearby building. And as
it reached safety, it roared mightily, as if mocking Gojira for missing it.
But when the beam hit another building close by, causing a tremendous
explosion, the new monster decided to strike as well.
Now the plates on IT'S back began to glow . . only this time a beautiful
radioactive green, and a moment later unleashed a fiery blast of it's own,
which struck Gojira head on, sending it crashing to the ground. And when it
had fallen, the new monster jumped onto it's fallen adversary and started
ripping at it's tough hide. This soon became a world class wrestling match,
one like the Earth had never witnessed before.

While this was going on, NIck had decided to venture his way back to
where he had first seen Gojira earlier. Ditching Audrey was the first
obstacle, but he managed to find a way. It was obvious that his scientific
instinct had gotten the best of him.
As he crept along cautiously, he spoke softly on a cellular phone to
Phillipe Roache, the French Secret Service agent who had helped kill the
first Godzilla.
"Phillipe, I was right! Godzilla IS here!
Phillipe sarcasticly replied " . . .are you sure? I think you might be
mistaken this time."
To which Nick replied, "Mistaken? How could I be mistaken? Listen for
yourself . . ."
Nick held the phone out away from his body to let Phillipe hear the
monster. But when he did, taking his attention off of the conversation, he
then began to notice the TWO sets of roars coming from in front of him.
He quickly put the phone back to his ear, just in time to hear Phillipe
say, " . . . Nick, I think that's Gojira."
Nick sounded confused as he answered.
"Gojira? God . . . that's. . .oh my God . . .that's what Audrey said
Godzilla's name was translated in Japanese or something."
Phillipe answered seriously. "That's right my friend. But there
already WAS a Gojira . . . .has been since September of 54 when it first
attacked Tokyo. I'm sure you saw the films. Yeah, I saw them . . .who
didnt . . . but, you mean to tell me that it was all for REAL? I always
thought it was just a monster movie. Like Zarkorr or something. . . . I saw
the United World News reels on that, and swore it was staged! How did they
keep the truth away from the rest of the world?"
Phillipe thought for a second, then answered, " . . .they didnt. They
merely covered it up by 'employing' anyone that somehow found out. I believe
you call it spin doctoring."
"Pretty good job of damage control, if you ask me."
"Agreed, but rest assured, Gojira IS real . . . and hes been sent to
America to destroy New York City."
Nick, again confused, said then, "Sent? Sent by who?"
"The Kilaaks . . .an alien race set on conquering the Earth and making
us all their slaves. They came to this planet recently without our
knowledge, and have set up shop in Japan. Gojira was sent there, the same
way other monsters have appeared in Moscow, London, Peking, and even right
now in Paris. So you see, we have the same troubles . . . "
Youve got a monster in Paris? What kind? Nick said, but before
Phillipe could answer, the phone then went dead. Nick called out wildly " .
. . ..Phillipe . . .Phillipe . . .hello . . . .", but all there was, was
static. And just about the time the phone cut off, Nick turned the corner
where the monsters were wrestling . . . . and what he saw there stunned him.
For there before him was Gojira . . . but he was being battled by
another beast . . .a creature Nick recognized. Though it looked different
then its deceased parent,. there he was, big as life . . . the baby he'd seen
near the water that day HAD in fact survived . . . . finally, Nick had found

A mile or so away, inside New York City Hall, Mayor Ebert was on
conference call with Commander Hicks and Professor Yoshida, renowned Japanese
Scientist and member of the United Nations Scientific Committee.
The three had just been informed of the two monsters rampage on the
city, and were in the process of planning a course of action. Commander
Hicks spoke first.
"Professor, maybe YOU can tell me why Gojira is here . . . how he got
here . . . . nothing on radar . . . nothing on sonar . . . I mean, he ain't
exactly stealth!"
The Professor laughed slightly, then replied seriously, "Commander
Hicks, the truth is this . . .Gojira . . . . is being used in an
international chess match, being played by the people of the planet Kilaak."
Mayor Ebert then jumped in, "Kilaak? Now what the hell is THAT?"
"Please Mr. Mayor . . ." the Professor responded, " . . .read over the
fax I just sent over to you. I think that all the answers you seek are on
that memo."
The Mayor then placed the phone on the desk in front of him and did as
the Professor requested. Meanwhile, the conversation between Hicks and
Yoshida continued.
"I need to know Professor . . . what can be done about Gojira? Can we
stop him?"
The Professor paused for a second, "No . . . there isn't much you can
do. There isn't a weapon known to man, at least to MY knowledge, that is
effective against Gojira. G-Force tried for 10 years to kill him.
A few years back we had something called Anti Nuclear Energy Bacteria
which we hoped would kill Gojira . . it was a substance that fed on nuclear
energy . .but all it did was slow him down, and I mean barely. Weve lured
him into volcanos, built top secret weapons specificly to battle him, and in
fact, even created a mechanical version of him to try and kill him . . of
course will disastrous results. And then of course there was the Oxygen
Destroyer . .but have fun trying to find the plans for it. Serizawa made
sure of that.
So you see Commander, Gojira's regenerative powers are unmatched on this
planet. Reason? We don't really know. Hes very hard to study. But we do
know that in 1996, when the elder Gojira melted down, Junior, as we called
him then, somehow absorbed most of the radiation that Gojira emitted in
death. This miraculously prevented a 'China Syndrome', and saved Tokyo from
being uninhabitable for hundreds of years . . maybe thousands.
So THATS what the scans picked up in 96!!! We knew something had
happened, but it was so strange . . .as soon as we picked up the disturbance,
it was gone . . .
You are correct Commander. But in the process of absorbing the
radiation, Junior gained powers that are beyond man's comprehension. He
still surprises us from time to time with things he can do. He truly is the
most powerful being on the face of the Earth."
Commander Hicks then snapped back sarcastically, "Professor, you know
we DID kill the first Godzilla . . . !"
Again Professor Yoshida laughed, then answered more intently,
"Different creature altogether. Yes, we do recognize the similarities in
their genetic structures . . they are virtually 'cousins' so to speak. But
your 'Godzilla' is nowhere near as advanced genetically, nor is he as
powerful, as Gojira. Commander, if the two of them ARE doing battle there in
your city, as you say they are, Godzilla WILL die . . .I assure you."
"OK. . ." the Commander replied, "then what are we supposed to do? Are
you are telling me, and please correct me if Im wrong here, that we should
LET the monsters duke it out until Godzilla is finally killed . . and THEN
attack Gojira?"
"Yes, Commander, that's exactly what I think. You will NOT stop Gojira.
You can only hope to drive him away and contain the damages he does. It
really is your only option."
Years ago, a colleague of mine, Dr Hyashida, said that Gojira was like a
nuclear weapon . . .a LIVING nuclear weapon . . . .impervious to everything
that mankind had to throw at him. And I believe a friend of yours, Steve
Martin, compared him to a force of nature . .a hurricane or earthquake I
believe is how he put it. Commander, I believe that THIS Gojira is just that
. . he will only die when it is TIME for him to die naturally . . and only
God knows when that will be . . .
Commander Hicks then answered angrily, "DAMN! There HAS to be more we
can do! Nothing could be
THAT powerful!"
Professor Yoshida then pleaded with Hicks, "Commander, please listen to
me. The situation you have there is obviously grave, and much more
complicated than you could ever know. The Japanese government has been
dealing with this type of problem since 1954, when Gojira first appeared on
Oto Island. By the way Commander, tell me, have you ever heard of King
The Major thought for a second, "You mean that three headed thing that
'supposedly' attacked the U.S. in the mid 60's?
"Precisely . .and so you know, King Ghidorah DID attack your country."
I heard a lot about that . . . ." the Major replied, "Steve told me a
bunch before he died . . but the government sealed up all the records,
covered it all up."
"As my government did Gojira as well. Anyway, we have had to deal with
him, and a slew of other huge monsters on a constant basis since then.
Baragon, Varan, Angilas, Mothra, Biollante . . . more than you could imagine.
We even managed to confine most of them to a series of islands in the South
Pacific, called Monsterland. But now they are loose . . . and not by our own
Commander Hicks understood where the Professor was going with this, and
told him so. Then the Professor finished his statement.
"You now have TWO monsters attacking at the same time, one of them
perhaps the most ferocious on the planet. The Kilaaks obviously weren't aware
of Godzilla, but they did know the U.S.'s strengths, and I believe that
THAT'S why they sent Gojira."
The Commander then seemed depressed.
"Ya know, last year we killed Godzilla, and I thought that itd be the
last monster detail Id ever be on. Then Tatopoulis tells me about the
surviving baby, and now Gojira . . . what could possibly be next?"
About that time Mayor Ebert rejoined the conversation.
So what's the plan Gentleman? How are we going to save my city?"
Commander Hicks choked slightly, "Mr. Mayor, I assure you that we will
do our very best."
The Professor then jumped in, "Hicks, listen . . this is most important
. . . no matter what happens, you must NOT attack Gojira with nuclear
"Why?" the Commander replied.
"Simple. Gojira feeds on nuclear material. You attack him, you feed
him. The object here is to cause him to deplete his energy supply, causing
him to leave on his own."
The Mayor then angrily replied, "Jesus. . . now were talking about
nuclear weapons! Sure! Let's just bomb the Metro area and be done with
"Mayor Ebert," the Professor quipped back, "I think you misheard me. I
said NOT to use nuclear weapons. Understand that what you just read about
Gojira AND the Kilaaks IS accurate information. And since Gojira is being
manipulated by the Kilaaks themselves, you can be sure that he WILL NOT STOP
until he is TOLD to, or until his energy
runs low."
"Well, thanks for that . . ." the Mayor said then, " . . .my city is
about to be leveled and there is NOTHING I can do about it. Wonderful!!!
Just wonderful!!!"
Mayor, I told you that we'll do our best, and I mean that. But
honestly, the person you should be talking to about this, looking for
actually, is Tatopoulis. Hes there in New York, and might have an answer
that we cant give you."
"I agree with that. Nick IS the expert. Next to Summerall, no one
knows Godzilla any better." the Professor replied.
Mayor Ebert then reflected for a moment over what was going on in his
city, and then said "I'll try . . I just hope your right about him."
The Mayor then ended the conversation, and proceeded to call for a
helicopter . . . so he could survey the damages, and also to look for Nick.

Tatopoulis in the mean time was still glued to the battle of the beasts.
Godzilla and Gojira continued their tussling match, crushing cars, pavement,
and nearby buildings as they did so.
As the battle continued, Gojira became noticeably agitated by his
fearsome attacker, and decided to take matters into his own hands.
For a moment Gojira just went limp. But when his entire body began to
glow a brilliant white, Godzilla again must have sensed the danger and tried
to flee. But when Gojira wrapped his massive hands around Godzilla's legs,
escape became impossible.
Nick watched in awe as there was a tremendous burst of white hot energy
emitted form Gojira's body . . . . at the same time throwing Godzilla off of
him, and quite a distance away.
Nick Yelled "GODZILLA!!!", as he watched the monstrous creature land on
a toppled building far in the distance. Gojira then regained his footing,
and started slowly towards his fallen adversary. His monstrous footsteps
again shaking the ground and sending debris flying in every direction.
It seemed to take an eternity for Gojira to reach Godzilla. But when he
did, and reared back his head to fire on the fallen creature, Godzilla
suddenly rose up and fired a green blast of flame himself, which once again
struck Gojira head on. What happened next though no one could have
The first time Godzilla had fired on Gojira, it caught the monster off
guard, knocking him to the ground. But this time, Gojira did not move,
taking the full force of the blast without so much as a breath.
Instead, the flame seemed to turn into a type of green mist that
engulfed Gojira, causing the fins on his back to blink like holiday lights
do, and soon, Gojira had absorbed the entire blast.
As electricity shot from its fins, Gojira then roared mightily, then
fired his reenergized heat ray. Godzilla leapt onto a nearby building,
trying to run, but was caught in the heat rays path, sending him again
crashing to the ground, the building toppling onto him.
But this time Gojira stood and watched as Godzilla lay in pain,
struggling to breathe, and attempting to crawl to the waterfront.
Gojira had won this battle, easily, and turned his attention back to the
city before him.
Nick ran towards the fallen behemoth, but didn't reach him in time.
Godzilla somehow made it to the water, and threw himself in violently.
Nick watched as the water bubbled and churned . . . streaks of blood
appearing from time to time. Was this the last he would ever see of this
special giant?

Gojira meanwhile continued his attack on New York City. Again firing on
everything in front of him.
Commander Hicks deployed a squadron of fighter planes to the scene, and
they proceeded to attack Gojira, but with little to no effect. Yoshida was
right. Gojira merely picked them out of the sky one by one, sending them
crashing also to the city below, causing even more destruction.
As Gojiras attack continued, the Mayor's helicopter had finally made it
into the air, and was a short distance from the monster itself.
Mayor Ebert was distraught by the devastation he witnessed, and with a
tear running down his cheek, asked himself, "Will there be anything left to
rebuild this time?"
Through the flames and smoke, the pilot somehow managed to locate Nick,
and lowered the chopper to pick him up.
Nick waited impatiently, as if afraid that Gojira might soon return his
way. And when the chopper landed, and Nick got in, not a word was spoken
between he and the Mayor.
There would be no miracle solution on this day. Instead, they both just
sat . .and watched . . .as the attack
For hours, Gojira decimated New York City. He did so relentlessly.
And when he had finished, as if to leave an exclamation point on his visit,
when he headed back out to sea, he stopped, roared, then blasted the Statue
of Liberty into oblivion.
He then started on his long journey back to Japan . . . back to his date
with destiny . . . .

Under the waters of the Atlantic, the dark silhouette laid on the Ocean
floor, streams of blood floating to the
surface from its injured skin. The beaten and battered Godzilla then closed
his eyes . .and awaited fate . . .or death . . .which ever came first . . . .
he had fought a valiant fight, but had met his match this day . . . in Gojira
. . .the undisputed King of the Monsters!!!!

In Ezu, the Kilaak Commander watched as Gojira headed back towards
Japan. Talking to a leiutenant, she said,How did we miss THAT creature?
Commander, we restricted our operations to only those on the Ogasawara
Islands. There are MANY more creatures running around on this planet, but
none of them are a threat to us.
At that moment, the Commander brought up a view screen in front of her,
but it was the leiutenant that spoke again.
You see? There is King Kong . . . .and there, is Gamera . . .and
Biollante . . . .we couldnt have caught them all with the time constraints
we had to work with . . .
I guess youre right . . . the Commander said, . . .but we better
hope that one of them doesnt jump up and bite us . . .Gamera really worries
me . . . . get Gojira back here . . . . now . . . .we need to try and catch
the turtle.