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Monsters Awaken


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Page 3 and 4

Two more monsters join the plot...

Page 3:

Somewhere within the heart of Montana, two young scientists study an unusual over-radio active boulder. They have reason to believe it is an egg of some sort. Suddenly, it begins to hatch. One scientist grabs a camera. The two race to the action and watch a massive flying reptile emmerge from it's egg. Although it just hatched, it seems to be nearly full grown. The scientist with the camera takes a shot and startles the beast. The creature turns around and attacks the two young scientist proving that is ruler of it's new territory!


Page 4:

Off the coast of San Fransisco, a young monster hatches from another egg. This time however, the monster is young and fresh. It roams the beaches of San Fransisco as reporters track it's every move. But suddenly, from behind, another creature emerges!


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