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Monsters Awaken


Pages 1 and 2
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Pages 1 and 2

Godzilla Attacks!

Godzilla attacks a ship, then the military tells the prime minister.


Page 2: Godzilla enters the city


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Page 1

A Japanese Naval ship floats silently among the dark waters. Although nestled safely in the mighty sea, not all danger has passed. Suddenly, an enormous blot appears on the radar screen! "AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!"
The massacer is over in moments.

One last radio message sends signal to Japan that Godzilla's wrath is not over. The beast is moving toward Tokyo and the Prime Minister is informed. Evacuations are made quicly. Godzilla has come once again.

Page 2:

Godzilla enters Tokyo and roams it's streets. The king of monsters explores it's territory with a massive pride.

Meanwhile, the Japanese air base gives go to their jet-fighters to attack Godzilla. The fighters zoom through the air toward the mighty monster king!

When they arrive, they hesitate from battle to see if the monster will attack first. Godzilla turns his head in curiosity and lets out a questioning "unk?" Then the jets leave and tracking helicopters take their place as Godzilla moves towards the country side.