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Godzilla vs the Eye of Heaven


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Will Godzilla save us all?

Godzilla felt an irresistible pull, stronger than anything he had ever experienced. He rounded the side of an undersea mountain with peaks higher than Himalayas and the last intact creation of the Mu came into view. Devoid of mans intelligence, the gigantis monster did not stop to gaze at the beauty of the Mus last great creation, he continued toward it.
The insect-thing backed into the darkness of a cave and flattened himself as only those without bones can do. He watched the gigantic reptile move closer to the sphere and measured the distance before he would pounce.
About 300 feet away from his goal, Godzilla saw a slight movement off to the left as the insect-thing broke cover and scuttled across the sea floor. Ready, Godzilla turned to meet the charge.
Sensing that time was now precious, Godzilla moved forward to make short work of the insect-monster. He bent low as the thing reared up on its four rear legs and then jerked up quickly, dumping it over on its back. As the insect-thing attempted to scramble to his feet, Godzilla batted it with his tail knocking it off balance and allowing Godzilla the time to turn to face it.
The king of the monsters pressed the attack. He moved in quickly and began to stomp the creature into the sea floor. Some sense conveyed to him the message that he didnt have time to waste in a protracted battle with this thing. The giant reptile backed up slightly, luring in the insect-monster. Godzilla retreated under the insect-monsters advance until he had him in position. Suddenly, Godzilla crashed his massive body against the rocks and pushed part of a mountain down on top of the sea creature. Satisfied that his adversary would not soon emerge from the rocky tomb, Godzilla turned his attention toward the object that had drawn him.
It was beckoning him now.
Godzilla moved in close and touched it with one of his forepaws. Enjoying the feel of the thing, he touched it with his other hand and even leaned his body against the temple.
Apparently made of two parts -- the smooth outside and the interior which bore the writings -- the interior began to spin, slowly at first, and then faster. Spinning much faster now, it created a type of kinetic energy equal to more than 300,000 volts of electricity.
Godzilla was totally unprepared for the shock which touched every single nerve ending in his body. The great reptile fell backwards in slow motion, hitting the sea floor in a pile of thrashing arms, legs and tail. He rose immediately, this time leveling a malevolent gaze at the dome.
He was mad.
Godzilla studied the temple for a moment.
Then, blue-white fire danced down his back and along his dorsal fins as he reared back and opened his mouth. Brought into play for the first time, Godzillas atomic ray leapt from his maw, a brilliant swirling mixture of blue and white. It scorched violently along the sea bed, vaporizing rock and turning water to steam before exploding up the side of the dome. When it hit dead center, Godzilla kept it trained there.
Thirty, forty, fifty seconds. Godzilla hit the object with the full strength of his atomic ray for more than a minute and still it spun. This is what he had been saving his power for.
Despite the white-hot fury of Godzillas attack, the dome was not destroyed or even damaged. But something was happening.
Godzilla held his fire as a mass of energy gathered at the top of the dome. The energy then formed into a thin beam of concentrated light pointing up to the surface. Godzilla looked up, sensing that the temple of the Mu was no longer a threat to him. Sensing that it never really had been.

The huge rock came rushing through the dark fabric of space, targeting the insanely small world below. The odds against it meeting earth in the limitless expanse of the cosmos were astronomical, but here it came. It was on a path to crash into the Pacific Ocean. But it didnt really matter where it hit. The Eye of Heaven was a true doomsday rock.
As the asteroid came within 50,000 miles of earth, a thin beam of light lanced upwards out of the Pacific depths. The beam reached the asteroid within a fraction of a second and probed its surface. The tip of the beam found a small fissure, a weak spot. It exploited the find, causing a tremendous explosion that left no part of the rock larger than a watermelon. The fragments continued on towards Earth but they were only a light show. They burned brilliantly as they fell into the atmosphere and were visible to all in the northern hemisphere.

Edgar Whitestone walked out onto the terrace of the hotel and smiled as the heavens put on a fireworks display never before seen by man. He turned to Miles Richards and Salli Yamani as they came out to join him. He was secretly pleased to see that they were holding hands. Theyll never believe that it was Godzilla that saved the world. The Mu knew, though. They designed their temple as a giant focusing tool for him. They knew he was coming.
It looks like they knew how to attract his attention, too. It must have been some sight, said Salli, the lights in the sky bathing her skin and turning it golden.
Seven miles down. No man was meant to see it, but we have the proof that it happened.
Yes, said Miles. The proof is that were all still here. But who knows? Maybe we can convince the world of what really happened and Time Magazine will make Godzilla their man of the year.
They all chuckled.
I hope the big irony of this hasnt been lost on you guys, Salli said.
Professor Whitestone rubbed his chin. And just what might that be, Ms. Yamani?
She smiled. Oh, just that 65 million years ago a huge asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs and today, Godzilla returned the favor.
The three scientists laughed heartily and then turned their attention skywards to view the rest of the light show.

Godzilla turned his attention away from dome and watched silently as the mound of rocks began to move and tumble to the sea floor. The insect-thing was not dead after all. Impossibly, the sea abomination scuttled unharmed from beneath tons of fallen rock and antenna waving, headed again toward the gigantis monster. Godzillas atomic ray licked forth again and caught the insect-monster full in the head, instantly destroying its mandibles and front legs. The water steamed up around it and the creatures carapace cracked and melted.
It was through.
Once dead, the insect-monster mattered no more to the king of the monsters. Godzilla surveyed the area from vantage of his full height and decided that it was not to his liking. He began to move off to seek more suitable surroundings to resume his sleep.

The End